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  1. I hope this is the right forum to post this in. If this is not the intended place for this type of question, please excuse me. I am currently working on a personal short film project. The movie is being shot in 4K prores for the mostpart en Black magic RAW for some shots that wil have heavy special effects work. All of the footage is being shot with the BMPC 4K on 1TB Samsung T5 drives. For now I am backing everything up on a simple WD elements external drive, but this is far from ideal. For one thing, it is too slow to allow smooth editing in premiere. Prores by itsel
  2. Sorry to bump this thread. I've reached the decision to go with AMD. As it turns out, what I want the most is to be able to render faster in Maya, as well as have 4K video editing go smoother than it currently does (workable but meh). GPU wise, I found out that my SLI'd 960's did a great job on Shadow of the tomb raider (almost maxed out on 1080p with almost no drops below 50fps). So they still have a few games in them I feel, And ss I am interested in RTX (especially now that GPU rendering for Arnold hit beta) I find they are just to expensive at the moment. I’ll wait for second g
  3. Okay, i'm going to think on this for a bit. Thank you to everyone that replied! It has been extremely helpfull!
  4. It does? Cool. Alright. As it stands the most sensible choice would seem to be, to upgrade to the i7-7700K. This would leave money on the table for a GPU update (1080ti) as well since I won't be replacing my motherboard. I feel this would give me the most significant boost across the board as the new GPU would also increase maya viewport performance as well as obvious benefits for adobe software.
  5. Cool... I don't think I would like to overclock. Like i said, this is not a hobby machine. A significant portion of my income depends on it working. I feel like that woul be risky somehow? In case it's not what type of cooling would you suggest?
  6. And what about them i9's? Sorry if any of this comes of as uninformed. That's because I am.
  7. Yes, this is a good point. Maya is something I would like to see better performance in because I love doing it so much, but it is not as vital to my income as adobe software is. Most of what I do is indeed in premiere/AE, So if intel is best for Adobe that kind of seals the deal.
  8. Would an I7 7700k be a decent enough upgrade compared to my current CPU?
  9. Thanks for the replies so far! To answer LukeSavenije: I live in Belgium.
  10. Hi, First time poster here. I've been following Linus on youtube for quite some time and got a lot of good advice from the video's. So I figured this would be a good place to come to for some advice on something specific. USER PROFILE: I have a one man business focussing mainly on post production, special effects and video. I use my workstation mainly for the following: - Adobe premiere - Adobe After effects (animation, compositing, 3D (element 3D, trapcode particular) - Maya (advanced character animation, simulation, rendering with Arnold) And