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Help - Temporary Measure Before I Build A Storage Server

Hi there,

As detailed in another thread, I am a bit of a data hoarder.

I'm planning to retire my i6700k as a file server.


However, with the shortages of Zen 3 and GPUs happening right now, my planned build is getting pushed into the new year.
I was hoping to find a temporary measure to clone and sync my data onto a 2nd HDD on my system.


I came across SyncToy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SyncToy

Synchronize takes the two folders and makes sure they have exactly the same files.

To do this, SyncToy may copy files in either direction and may delete or rename files in either folder.

In the case that a file has been updated in both the left and right folders, the version with the later modification date is considered the winner.


This sounds exactly like the functionality I'm looking for.  However it seems the software hasn't been updated since 2009.


Wondering if you guys have a recommendation on what's the best temporary solution to hold me over a few months.

Just hoping to get that extra bit of redundancy and peace of mind.



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Personally I'm using FreeFileSync to keep stuff on my NAS stored the way I want. You can choose any drive you want as destination.

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