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  1. Hi there, As detailed in another thread, I am a bit of a data hoarder. I'm planning to retire my i6700k as a file server. However, with the shortages of Zen 3 and GPUs happening right now, my planned build is getting pushed into the new year. I was hoping to find a temporary measure to clone and sync my data onto a 2nd HDD on my system. I came across SyncToy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SyncToy Synchronize takes the two folders and makes sure they have exactly the same files. To do this, SyncToy may copy files in either direction and may delete o
  2. Oh wow. $30 is a fraction of what I expected to spend! Heck yeah! You mention that it's 4 generations old? Is there any reason to get anything newer? And where should I be reading up so I can learn more about this?
  3. @Jarsky thank you for all the advice. I've been completely putting this off for a while, I'm currently maxed out on storage, so I was thinking for right now, I'll get an HBA and 2 HDD, run it as JBOD for the next 2-3 months. Then in January, I'll get Zen 3 and retire the i6700k into the file server. I still haven't figured out which path to take. Still gotta figure out what criteria to balance. Is this the LSI 9211-8i you mentioned? It is described as a RAID card. I'm seeing some comments mention having to flash the firmware on them? Is that th
  4. @Jarsky Thanks for that info about Proxmox being for virtualization. Not sure any virtualization is needed for me, not yet. Would it be safe to assume that the file storage and redundancy is still good in Proxmox? and isn't just an afterthought? So hypothetically, I transplant my i7 into a new Fractical R7 XL and have up to 16 HDD capacity. I buy all 12 new HDD (so I'm not forced into unRAID) I'd be doing this with a combination of the 5 free SATA ports of my Asus Z170-A + some HBA cards? then file storage/redundancy is handled at the OS level?
  5. Power usage: Not really a concern. Unless its really crazy. Noise: More quiet is better? Let's say this one the lowest priority? If I have to relocate it, it can be done. Case: Currently Fractal Define R5 (8x 3.5" bays and 2x 5.25" bays, unsure if there is a conversion for those) RAID/Parity: Yes. Some sort of redundancy like that is something I want. Just unsure which OS and hardware will dictate the setup here. Mismatched drives: What are the options for matched vs mismatched drives? Ideally, I was thinking I'd be able to keep using my
  6. Hi all, I'm a complete networking newbie (Windows OS only so far) Looking to make my first step away from just single do-everything desktop PC. A friend had mentioned getting enterprise gear and Proxmox? I wanted to check for your recommendations here. Current Setup/Gear Currently on i7 6700k on an Asus Z170-A motherboard All SATA ports are tapped out with full HDD. Currently no redundancy. Making me more and more nervous. I will require additional hardware. Buy used enterprise hardware? Or retire the 6700k for storage duties + add-in cards? And buy AMD Ze
  7. I am currently running 3 panels off the GTX 1060, As you said, 2x on HDMI, and 1x off the DisplayPort However, are you sure about this part? Can anybody else confirm?
  8. Hiya, I'm wondering if I can get my office PC to output 3x 4k. Is there a way to run dual 4k off the GPU + a single 4k off the mobo's display port? The 3rd monitor is for secondary work such as viewing pdfs and reference material so doesn't need to run at 60hz The GPU is an Asus GTX 1060 3gb According to spec sheet it seems it can output a max resolution of 7680x4320 https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Graphics-Cards/PH-GTX1060-3G/specifications/ The motherboard is an Asus PRIME Z370-A and seems to have a display port output. Thanks!
  9. Saw this on a 1-star Amazon review I'm not familiar with PWM, I didn't see it listed in the specs... Is that what Acer's "Anti-Blue Technology, Flicker-less Technology" covers? 2nd guessing on the display quality of the Dell Also doesn't support HDCP on any port....
  10. From my understanding, - A monitor should have better color accuracy - Better anti-glare (this is a biggie for me), some TVs are just hella shiny and reflective. That would drive me nuts. - Faster grey-to-grey, lower latency without going into game-mode throwing off colors? Like in general, it's more accurate and less wonky/eyestraining? At home, I'm using 2x 24" 1200p At work, I'm using 2x 27" 1080p But I work on full-sized blueprints, Usually 42"x30". My thinking was if I just go with a big monitor, I can ditch the paper and just go full digital.
  11. I do buildings engineering CAD work I spend my work day doing creating virtual 3D models, blueprints and drilling down through menu and dialog boxes, etc. It would be a huge benefit to have a large panel with lots of pixels to maximize screen real estate I’m looking for a large format monitor for the office that I will pay for myself so I can’t get too crazy with getting “the best”. - 40”-ish size range, - 4K - Matte finish - VESA Mountable 3 models seem to fit my budget price range. - Acer ET430K wmiiqppx ($799 CAD) https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/produc