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  1. What would happen depends on how you would configure them. Just plugging in two Ethernet cables in and of itself won't make anything happen, you'll just see two interfaces you can use.
  2. Since OP is moving overseas it sounds like they have a mandatory quarantine so they need to spend couple weeks in a specified hotel before they can move on to get a house.
  3. Yes, overall SSD's are better for gaming especially when it comes to open world games. Still sounds like you have some other issues there if you get constant stuttering.
  4. Sounds like just bad luck twice. I have the regular One S controller on PC and have no such issues.
  5. Barely any difference with load times, and for storing video files there's absolutely no difference. If you do high resolution video editing then sure, but even with that in a home environment it probably makes more sense to investing in more storage, not faster storage.
  6. WiFi itself is less than ideal, and if you're having stability issues it would make much more sense to go wired than try to replace one part which probably is not even the biggest cause of your problems.
  7. Adding storage won't make your computer faster, but if you replace that HDD with an SSD it will.
  8. Pretty sure you're mistaken and mean that with a much more up-to-date computers integrated GPU's share RAM with the system, and making more system RAM available can be used to bump up the "VRAM" as well.
  9. Resolution is not really an issue with VR anymore, and hasn't been for quite a while (talking in terms of desktop use), but they won't surpass regular screens due to how cumbersome they are to use by design. This is the same with those "video glasses" we've had for decades already, because they're essentially the same things. There definitely is time and place for them, but regular desktop use is not that.
  10. You download that, write it to the USB so it's bootable (IIRC MacOS could do that without any extra software) and then boot your new computer with it.
  11. That's what I said. You need that to install Win10
  12. Download the image, not the downloader. Should give that by default if you're not on Windows. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO