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Buttons of Viotek GNV27DB not working

Hello everyone! 


Hope you all are doing well. Just hoping if you could give a me hand with the following issue.


I've just received my newly bought monitor (Viotek GNV27DB) and it works wonders, no dead pixels, came in perfect shape, it runs smoothly however... the buttons, they don't seem to register any input. When I first connected it to my testbench, the monitor itself wouldn't turn on and I started panicking, tried several different hdmi cables, power cables, wall outlets and even pcs to no avail. It wasn't until I fliped it over (While checking for cable connections) that I pressed the power button and it finally turned on. Relieved I thought it might have been a problem with th power cable that I was just checking, but I soon noticed that the buttons on the monitor weren't working properly. The OSD wouldn't appear everytime I pressed the menu button, I couldn't get the monitor to turn off, etc. This lasted for about 3 minutes until the buttons went completetly dead and I couldn't get a response from them ever again. 


My guess is that the problem resides on the pcb that controls both the buttons and the power LED as the LED doesn't turn on at all, even when the monitor is showing an image (Manual says it should)


Would love if you could give me any tips or inisght on what could the problem be or how to solve it without having to resort to some RMA or refund process (I live in Argentina, far away from the rest of the world, and shipping times and cost are wuite high)


Thanks in advance for your help!

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