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Storage Upgrade Options, help me choose please

My storage now consists of 500 gb NVME as boot drive (SN550) and Sata 3 as games and general storage (860 Evo). As SSDs need around 30 percent free storage (CMIIW) I need to up my storage for games. What do you guys think i should do?

  1. Buy 2TB HDD / Seagate
  2. Buy another 500gb sad / wd blue, samsung 860 evo
  3. Buy 1TB SSHD / firecuda
  4. Buy 1TB dramless SSD / lexar, teamgroup ex2, su750 etc.

They're pricing is around 75$ in my country, except for dramless ssd which is around 95-100$. No amazon or newegg sales sadly, as i'm only limited to local retailer.

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20 minutes ago, Bartandroid123 said:

1. buy a barracuda

This is what i inclined to do. Just weighing other options first. Thanks!

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