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  1. Sorry i didn't realize it become a case recommendations post. Thanks.
  2. I've been agonizing over it for a few days. I've downsize my ATX build to ITX one. Sold my old mobo, psu, and case, and bought a new sff mobo and psu. As you all know, SFF PC has it's own tax. Parts are generally more expensive so with money from my previous item, i can't but a new case yet. Basically, i need to sell my be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 if i'm going to get a new case, preferrably NR200P. Now comes the fun part. Like any other pc builder, i've been visiting pcpartpicker on regular basis. And i've found that Lian Li TU150 is an SFF case that can afford high tower cooler! The d
  3. Can i check what bios version is used in the motherboard before buying? Or they tipically ship with the oldest bios?
  4. Downsizing my PC and when i take a look at AsRock's B550m-ITX/AC bios page, there is a warning about using Ryzen 3300x. Update AMD AGESA Combo-AM4 V2 patch D *Caution!!! Please do NOT update this BIOS if 3300X CPU is being used on your system. I'm using it. Does this mean my CPU not compatible with the board? Or only the BIOS? Should i spend more money get higher b550 itx board?
  5. So it's confirm that LGA1200 will support 11th gen intel then?
  6. New budget build for SFF PC for mid-range gaming. Gonna pair it with 1660 Super and possible upgrade to 3060ti when stocks are normal. Are Intel 10400F + Z490m-ITX/AC is a good combination for price/performance? I'm a bit concern about AsRock's motherboard though. I heard they're often experiencing BIOS problems. Is that true? Or should i go with b460i from ASUS or MSI with locked RAM speed? Only problem is i'm not finding much information about b460 from reviewers.
  7. XPG Core Reactor is another recommendations. It is manufactured by CWT and had a compact size (140mm) even for 750w and 850w unit. Good review from Aris. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/xpg-core-reactor-750w-power-supply-review
  8. I never work with AIO before just because the hassle lol. And another reason for using low profile downdraft cooler is because i'm using cheap itx board from asrock. The b550m itx/ac have a very small heatsink compared to other itx motherboard and from what i've read, it's beneficial to use downdraft air cooler. Thoughts?
  9. One last question, @tishous @Hymenopus_Coronatus are Noctua L12S worth 20 more dollar over Big Shuriken 3?
  10. Dang, i didn't realize it's over the height limit. Must confused it's height with wraith spire lol. Thanks guys.
  11. My plan is using vertical GPU with mesh panel. But looking at some other reviews of TG panel, i thought the difference is not bad? around 3C if i recall correctly. I'm getting 4400hz with 1.3v using 3300x with Wraith Stealth and getting 83c at cinebench. Just curious if Wraith Prism is a lot better or perform much the same?
  12. I'm planning an ITX build with NR200P with a vertical GPU in mind. Right now my cpu is Ryzen 3300x but I'm planning to upgrade to 5600x as soon as stock normalised. I'm currently using AMD Wraith stealth that comes with 3300x but it is very loud and not pretty. There's a bunch of used AMD Wraith Prism that i know will be enough to cool my current and future cpu. But for a couple more dollars i can get aftermarket cooler like Big Shuriken 3, Alpenfohn Black Ridge, Shadow Rock LP or even Noctua LH-9a. What do you guys think? FYI, cpu cooler clearance for NR200P with verti
  13. Basically the title. I've been lurking around and can't if my bitfenix whisper M will fit in NR200 using the 3D printed atx psu bracket. Pictures will be much apreciated. Thanks.
  14. Okay. That minimalistic heatsink really bugged me because small form factor suffers from bad thermals (CMIIW) and i live in a tropical hot country.