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  • CPU
    ryzen 5 3600xt
  • Motherboard
    Tuf b450 gaming-plus
  • RAM
    corsair vengance rgb pro 8gbx2
  • GPU
    rog strix rx 5700xt
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    be quiet pure base 500
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    1tb adata Swordfish 2tb seagate Barracuda
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    fractal design ion+ 660w
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    2 generic office monitors
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    silentiumpc navis rgb 240

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  1. Does anybody know any software that can dynamicly detetect my face expression and change it out for a image(like a drawn person for example)
  2. that 3 pin in the last picture is a 5v rgb connector i think
  3. more like hardware but i suppose it is some kind of bug/glitch
  4. they are not actualy hot the pc just thinks they are even they dont exist so its fine
  5. thou that is because the actual plug there is empty(if the plus is empty it will display some random temerature or just zero
  6. everything is good thou the temperature probes are very very hot
  7. Well i guess if the tape works then let it be .couse nobody sells that part and im guessing that you dont own a 3D printer to design and fabricate your own.
  8. could you also send a photo of how exacly it broke
  9. You could try to make that part in 3D modeling software and then 3D print it. I dont think you can buy that part