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please help laptops are really hard to find rn and specially where i live

i have no more energy left to research more about damned laptops!

you guys suggest if you even read all the below shite


i have been using a dell inspiron 5558 15.6inch laptop for 5 years now. now i am going to college to pursue computer science engineering. i need a new laptop, this dell one rn is in pieces,,, there are 4 lines on the screen, battery doesn't charge above 0% ( only works with a charger), hinge is totally busted (the lid doesn't close ), when some pressure is applied on the screen more lines appear,


now i want a laptop with the best battery, best screen, best performance, light weight(discrete gpu not required if ryzen 4000 or 11th gen intel) under my budget of 60,000 indian rupees i.e 800 usd. but the thing is the laptops you guys have in the usa would cost 600 usd but the same costs 800 in india.


after hearing about the ryzen 4000 and 11th gen intel cpus i cannot buy a slower laptop knowing that i could've bought a 2x faster one in the same price.


here is what i have shortlisted yet-

lenovo ideapad slim 5 14 AMD/ lenovo ideapad 5 14- (only available sometimes on lenovo official website only) https://www.lenovo.com/in/en/laptops/ideapad/s-series/IdeaPad-5-14ARE05/p/88IPS501392

asus zenbook 14(over priced af in india i.e 1055 usd or 78k indian rupees)- https://www.flipkart.com/asus-zenbook-14-core-i5-11th-gen-8-gb-512-gb-ssd-windows-10-home-ux425ea-bm501ts-thin-light-laptop/p/itm173bc935b2a33?pid=COMFWXWWZYFRCPW7&lid=LSTCOMFWXWWZYFRCPW7PFUQPK&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=s_1_1&otracker=search&otracker1=search&fm=SEARCH&iid=8c53cc5e-c567-4493-a62a-9276f4fb98a9.COMFWXWWZYFRCPW7.SEARCH&ppt=sp&ppn=sp&ssid=d6874sb6280000001606466581025&qH=d263203567fe481e


asus one is out of my budget so fuc* it. lenovo is seems really good but a guy on utube said that its hinge pushes the screen too much and that arises a weird effect in the shite ass TN panel of its and the damned thing is no where available.


what the hell happened to dell, hp, and other brands cant see a single decent one of em.


i can wait till start of jan next year ig. 


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Some help would be really appreciated

These are the common online store websites in india- 







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Ryzen 4000 and Intel 11th is the best options for now.

The lenovo slim is great.

Make sure its 8gb and has SSD.

Or buy one without it, but make sure the back panel is not sealed, so you can upgrade it yourself.

Upgrading yourself probably can be cheaper and better, since the factory parts may not be good enough.

Like they put a cheaper SSD and slower ram speed.

Ryzen 2600 @ 4ghz | Radeon RX580 | 32gb HyperX 3200mhz | 500gb Samsung PM981a | 5 TB HDD | Corsair CX450

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ok then i'll wait for the lenovo one to be available in the market...
but it has a tn panel... 

but yeah i think i have to cut somethings from my wish list.. no product is perfect....

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