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  1. yup it has 2 empty m.2 slots and a empty 2.5 inch bay(as i am getting only 512gb ssd). thank you!!
  2. thanks again ! the thing is, now the slim 5 4700u is not available at the physical stores... so i am proceeding with the gaming 3. i mean, if i can get the best performance at the same price, why not. i handled my 2.5 kg dell inspiron for 5 yrs now, so 2.2kg won't be that big of a deal. and the ram is upgradable too. yeah about the lg gram, 250 gigs is not enough for me. i even find 512 gigs a bit less lol as rn i have used up 600 gigs in my old 1tb hdd laptop... but i would love 512 gigs with the speed of a ssd.
  3. Thank you so much for spending so much time on my question! Yes, the 4700u has a 300 nits (compared to 250 nits on gaming 3) display, fingerprint scanner, usb c charging (no barrel plug connector), and metal top lid. I am also thinking that 4700u is my jam too now!
  4. hmm i wanna use it for like 5 yrs... i really love the slim 5 but don't know about ram...
  5. i am a first year cse student. have to get a laptop for college under 63,000 Indian Rupees. this is my use case- Programming in C++, C, python, css, html, js rn. Will learn and try out more things as I am an 1st year cse student (ml/ai). I use vs code, pycharm and codeblocks may use diff. Editors in future... i am worried if dual channel 8gb soldered would be enough for at least 5 years for me.... ideapad slim 5 4700u has soldered dual channel 8gb ram and ideapad gaming 4600h has upgradable memory. i have selected 2 laptops plz recommend which one to get under these use cases
  6. How about the lenovo IdeaPad slim 5 14 4700u and lenovo IdeaPad gaming 3 4600h? Slim 5 is perfect just doesn't have upgradable ram... Gaming is also nice but build quality is not that nice, battery life too. Gaming also doesn't have a fingerprint scanner.
  7. please recommend a laptop that meets the following requirements mentioned below... (in INDIA) min, 512 gb ssd, 1080p 14 to 15.6" ips 250nits+ preferable, upgradable ram slots (i.e. can be upgraded 10 16gb ram manually), i5 11th gen or ryzen 4700u or 4600h, dedicated gpu not necessary, good build quality, backlit keyboard. please help me.
  8. If i go with a 1650 laptop i would compromise on- battery(ryzen gives 10hr battery but gaming laptop only gives like 4 hr), build quality, portability Aren't these things important for a college student..?
  9. I am a cse 1st year college student. Wanted to get a new laptop. Right noe i am practicing data structures on c++ and html css for learning web dev. I might also tryout ML if in long run i don't find web dev enjoyable. So i can get a ryzen 4700u laptop with no discreet gpu or a i5 9th gen and a 1650 gpu in a crappy gaming laptop in my budget. Which is better for my workflow? I do a lil bit of comp. Gaming on laptop thats it.
  10. ok then i'll wait for the lenovo one to be available in the market... but it has a tn panel... but yeah i think i have to cut somethings from my wish list.. no product is perfect....
  11. Some help would be really appreciated These are the common online store websites in india- amazon.in flipkart.com Croma.com
  12. i have no more energy left to research more about damned laptops! you guys suggest if you even read all the below shite i have been using a dell inspiron 5558 15.6inch laptop for 5 years now. now i am going to college to pursue computer science engineering. i need a new laptop, this dell one rn is in pieces,,, there are 4 lines on the screen, battery doesn't charge above 0% ( only works with a charger), hinge is totally busted (the lid doesn't close ), when some pressure is applied on the screen more lines appear, now i want a laptop with the best battery, best scr