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  1. If i go with a 1650 laptop i would compromise on- battery(ryzen gives 10hr battery but gaming laptop only gives like 4 hr), build quality, portability Aren't these things important for a college student..?
  2. I am a cse 1st year college student. Wanted to get a new laptop. Right noe i am practicing data structures on c++ and html css for learning web dev. I might also tryout ML if in long run i don't find web dev enjoyable. So i can get a ryzen 4700u laptop with no discreet gpu or a i5 9th gen and a 1650 gpu in a crappy gaming laptop in my budget. Which is better for my workflow? I do a lil bit of comp. Gaming on laptop thats it.
  3. ok then i'll wait for the lenovo one to be available in the market... but it has a tn panel... but yeah i think i have to cut somethings from my wish list.. no product is perfect....
  4. Some help would be really appreciated These are the common online store websites in india- amazon.in flipkart.com Croma.com
  5. i have no more energy left to research more about damned laptops! you guys suggest if you even read all the below shite i have been using a dell inspiron 5558 15.6inch laptop for 5 years now. now i am going to college to pursue computer science engineering. i need a new laptop, this dell one rn is in pieces,,, there are 4 lines on the screen, battery doesn't charge above 0% ( only works with a charger), hinge is totally busted (the lid doesn't close ), when some pressure is applied on the screen more lines appear, now i want a laptop with the best battery, best scr
  6. Thanks for the info! Will try tomorrow morning!
  7. I have never played this game before. It launches, a logo(window) pops up in the taskbar and then it closes automatically, following with the opening of epic games store again.
  8. the fuck is up with these games! i just downloaded 11 gb of rocket league from epic store and it doesn't fucking launch!!!!!!!! i have tried opening it as administrator and compatibility mode! what do i do now! i have also verified the files.
  9. soo.. i got watch dogs 2 by linking my uplay account to epic store for free. i have not downloaded it yet. it appears in my uplay library (with the game key). can i download it directly from uplay (30 gb including high res texture pack) or from epic store (40 gb). apparently downloading it from epic store leads to downloading 22gb of wd2 from uplay again(so a total of 52 gb if i download from epic store). so can i download the game from uplay? if i can... should i download the high res texture pack ( extra 6 gb on 22gb) i have a dual core i5 with hyperthreading and 920m
  10. when can we see laptops with the intel 11th gen chips on the shelf? i was considering an 4500u laptop but they are not available in India rn (too much demand to serve, amd says), but now I think that these chips maybe a good consideration(i don't think intel will suffer like amd to produce these laptops).
  11. I am a student going to college in 2 months. I wanted to get a good ultrabook with a 4500u or 4700u as budget is 55k rupees or 700 usd. But here in india only intel and old 3000 ryzen laptops are available. Is there any time when the 4000 skew will be available here? Only 2 to 3 laptops with these cpus are available here at a huge pricetag 900usd. Also what about the new 11th gen cpus from intel... When will these laptops arrive? Any clue?
  12. Thanks everyone! I would consider buying a ultrabook with amd 4000 series APUs but I'll have to wait as in India we only have ultrabooks like the HP envy x360 at about 900 USD. No point of buying one at that price, I think 600-700 USD or 40k to 50k rupees is more than enough for a ultrabook... It's really tough and tiring to choose though, every company has atleast 3 to 4 models at that price range