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144 FPS in Overwatch with a i7 3770 and a GTX 1660 Super

I recently got a Optiplex 7010 SFF that got a I7 3770 (I moved it into a full-size case btw) and I want to add a GPU to it i'm thinking about the GTX 1660 Super, my question it's if I could achieve 144 FPS at Low Graphics and 100% Resolution at 1920x1080 since I don't really have the money to change from this system but I can spend to buy at least a GTX 1660 or the Super one.

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From what I can see from a brief search, the 1660 (non super) with a i5 9400F gets about 200 FPS, not sure on the settings though and the CPU and GPU are both heavily utilised, so I would say with a 3770 and a 1660 Super, you might be bottlenecked by the CPU, but 144 FPS at 1080 should be reachable and not too far out of the possible ballpark.

The owner of "too many" computers, called

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windybread (4X E5470, intel HD, 32GB ECC) (use coming soon, maybe)

And more, several more

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I forgot to mention that the ram in this computer it's about 16GB and it has 1600MHZ

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