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Can I test an RTX 2070 Super on a 500W PSU?

Hi all, here are the specs of my system:

CPU - i7 6700

GPU - ROG Strix 2070 Super

Motherboard - Asus ROG Maximus VIII hero

RAM - 16GB Corsair Vengence

SSD - 250GB Samsung 860 Evo

HDD 1 - Segate 1TB 7200rpm

HDD 2 - Toshiba 2TB 7200rpm

Fans - 4x 120mm + 2x 140mm corsair fans

Power Supply - Coolermaster B500 V.2 80+ Bronze


I have just recently bought the RTX 2070 super (used). I would like to test it in my current system just to make sure its working. I realize my power supply is not good enough to run this setup but would it be ok just to test the card?


I have already bought a new corsair RM750x but its going to take a week to ship to me and I would really like to test my 2070 as soon as possible.


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Thanks for the info. I don't think I'm willing to risk putting any load on the card given my current power supply is well below Asus's recommended 650W. But the idle power draw looks minimal. Do you think it would be safe to install the card as long as I don't use my PC for anything more than Netflix and YouTube?

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