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I was going to start my computer one day and it booted into bios. the ssd m.2 didnt show in boot devices. I restarted computer but nothing happened, it still didnt show. I opened up the computer and i unplugged cpu power cable, motherboard power cable and pc powercable. I pressed the power button for a few seconds and then i plugged everything in again. then the ssd showed. thats the only thing that has worked. It doesnt always help changing slot or taking it in and out. 

every setting in bios is how its supossed to be. 
I contacted the company i bought parts from, they sent me a new m.2 to test. i put the new one in. reinstalled windows but the same issue happened again. (note it dissapears when i leave the computer off for a while. or if i turn it completly off. 
i bought a new motherboard to test it with. i put the new ssd in the new motherboard and alll bios setting should be ok. but same issue happened again. 


So my question is can the psu make this happened. cause sometimes when i start my computer after a night off it boots and freezes on asus rog screen. and sometimes i turn it on, it turns off and on again by itself. It never turns off when i play or use it. ssd never dissapear when i am using thew computer. and my hdd is always showing no matter what. 



MB: Asus Rog Strix Z390-F

CPU: I9-9900K

PSU: Corsair TX740M

SSD: Kingston A2000 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD

Hdd Seagate 1tb

(I got a brand new ssd m.2 and motherboard. its the same type but its new

pls help:) I am fairly new to computer but i know a little. but no means a specialist. 

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