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Looking for AM4 MOBO with good OC support and PCIe switches

Hello there,


I'm planning out a new PC build and I'm having trouble finding a suitable MOBO, mainly because I want it to serve 2 main goals:

  1. I want to start overclocking (not hardcore LN2 magic, just whatever 360 AIO could handle) with R7 5800X 
  2. I want to be able to convert it into workstation backbone when I upgrade my main PC/the need comes. That includes a need for multiple GPUs connected directly to the CPU

Given (1) I need something with somewhat friendly BIOS, memory overclocking and decent VRM to be able to handle power needs of the 5800X (which should hopefully be enough to handle stock 3950/5950X once I transition into a workstation). Given (2) I want to be able to run two GPUs directly off the CPU (no SLI/Crossfire, just 2 independent devices), so I want the 16xPCIe to be reconfigurable to 2*8x.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to saturate 8xPCIe 3.0 with my workload (Machine Learning), but to be cautious I'd probably go for 4.0. 

Must haves (minimum):

  • post LEDs
  • non-addressable RGB controller - I'd like to splash some colors here and there
  • (at least) one slot for M.2 NVMe drive - more is not strictly necessary

Nice to haves:

  • 2x1 G LAN or better
  • Postcode
  • on board WiFi (directly screwed-in antena(s), no cables)

Obviously: the cheaper the better


Thanks in advance.

PS: I was eyeing x570 Tomahawk, but it only has one CPU connected PCIe slot

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