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  1. that's an issue with P500A case... I can only fit 360 front +120/140 top. So I'd water cool my ITX build fully (cpu+vertical GPU) with intake 360 rad and have the ATX air-cooled. The increased temp inside the case won't be a huge issue, as I'll probably undervolt/underclock my workstation to make it more economical - It would run basically 24/7 and I don't need fast responsiveness from it.
  2. Here you go.I thought 'dual system' refers strictly to two separate systems in one case. Otherwise 'dual purpose system' is what I would use to describe using single MOBO+CPU combo for both purposes.
  3. No, I'm gonna have vertical GPU connected to my mITX system and 2 GPUs in my workstation.
  4. Hi, The question basically boils down to: Is it worth paying for better VRM on higher-end GPUs and waste all that extra on better cooling solution that I'm not gonna use anyway? I'm asking because I want to do vertical mounting and I'm worried my card will get chocked due to glass panel proximity and competition from other cards. I'm planning dual system gaming+workstation build in P500A (mITX for gaming, ATX with dual GPU to run simulations) and will be running dual Nvidia cards in workstation. I'm gonna wait for PCIe 4.0 raisers before I pull the plug on this purchase
  5. how loud are we talking? under what conditions?
  6. I tried checking on G.SKILL page, but they don't list that in specifications... ok, thanks anyway
  7. For me it's just good old boring single monitor gaming (UW 1440p). @HairlessMonkeyBoy I tried to find, but couldn't, is there much difference between CB Elite and Black? Is it just re-release, or is there a meaningful difference between the two?
  8. @HairlessMonkeyBoy seems there is no reason to go faster than 3600 (or even 3200):
  9. So, your recomendation is to go with 3600 MHz and not bother with overclocking, because the performance gain isn't worth it ( the money can be spend elswhere better)?
  10. Hi, How much heat is it reasonable to cram into P500A before the case melts/gets incredibly loud? Since it's a dual system case, could if fit 300W of CPUs and 800-850W of GPUs without toasting all the components? I'd like to combine my gaming setup (5800X + 6800XT) with my workbench (still WIP, but 3950/5950X + 2x3070(Ti)) - I can get 60cm PCIEx16 raiser cable (3.0, but I doubt 6800XT is gonna max it out). The alternatives are P600S (which doesn't seem much more spacious) or Enthoo Pro 2 and its (imo ugly brother) 719.
  11. I don't need fancy RGB, nor much overclocking headroom. As I understand it, there is a visible benefit to running memory in 1:1 mode with FCLK. As for budget I want good price/performance with a small nudge toward performance side. I was thinking G.SKILL 4000 CL18, I might step up to Crucial if it's recommended. Maybe I'm asking a wrong question. Should I try to run 5800X in 1900 or 2000 FCLK or stick to 1800 and save the money on the fancy high speed memory? Because price difference between 3600 and 4000MHz memory is huge. Edit: Meaby Patriot 3733 CL17
  12. Hi, I want to buy memory for me 5800X. Since the IF clock is supposed to hit 2000MHz, the 4000 memory would be nice to unlock its full potential. Could you recommend any brand/speed ( I want to tinker with the system a bit, but I've never done any overclocking)? I want to run 2x16GB or perhaps 4x8GB, depending on pricing/recommendations. MOBO: MSI X570 Unify
  13. Maybe they don't want to interfere with the segmentation? If suddenly B550 with SLI start showing up it might lower the volume of X570... Besides, SLI is dead for gamers, and if you are paying for a workstation that actually needs it than these boards aren't for you (at least that's my feeling)