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Personal Computer internet traffic and work VM with VPN

Good day all. I'm having a difficult time finding info on this, but it might be due to me not wording it correctly. I work from home 2 days a week, and things are painfully slow. My work has us using a Citrix VM that uses a VPN to connect to the works network and systems. I do not use a VPN for my personal computer. I would be very appreciative if anyone can provide me info regarding:

1) If I move the VM window to my 2nd monitor and open up a streaming service, game, etc. on my primary monitor, would my work be able to see whats on my primary monitor?

2) While the VM (with it's VPN) is open/active, is my internet traffic viewable to my employer on just the VM, or is my personal computer's traffic included? I heard from a co-worker that while the VM is open/active, all of my internet traffic on my personal computer is either being routed through the VM VPN, or allows my work to monitor all of my traffic. Is this correct?


Thanks for reading.

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1) No your work shouldn't be able to see what's there unless there's some other monitoring thing in place. (don't recommend slacking off at work)

2) This answer depends heavily on how the VPN is set up. if only the VM traffic is going there, then everything is separated. If everything is going through the VPN, then yes they can see everything

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The question being asked should really be, "should I buy a second computer to screw off on while I am supposed to be working so my employer can't see I am doing it?" And the answer is yes... or you will probably get fired. There are a lot of factors going on with this. Like first of all, is this your companies computer you are trying to 'work around' on? If so, then plan to get fired. They theoretically could add keyloggers or other tracking software to your computer simply because they have the right to... it's theirs after all and you are getting paid to work, even if it's slow and stupid. Secondly, just having a second screen won't prevent anyone from knowing what's going on IF they do happen to have some sort of logging software. They are using the VPN to try and protect what ever data you are creating or accessing and chances are, its from your computer to their network and they have a way to log ALL the traffic that comes down that pipe. I have seen that play out a few times actually. It tends to end with sort sort of firing. Third, it's called a work ethic and they expect you to have it if you are working from home. In reality, a majority of jobs could be done from home, which makes it less costly for the company because they don't have to lease space for you to sit in a cubicle and play angry birds but most companies don't do work from home because they actually want people to work... and there are far too many distractions to get decent productivity. Get a work ethic, or get a second computer. Or get fired. Sensing the pattern here? Now "get to work!" - Your Boss

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Thank for the info. I'm dedicated to working, but there's nothing to work on. My job involves customers traveling internationally, and well that's been a bit slow for the past 6 months. I'd rather do anything else then stare at a blank screen waiting for something to pop up or risk nodding off.

I'm using my personal PC, not my companies. I just log onto the companies website, which launches an APP (VM) that acts as my work desktop.


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