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  1. 1) No your work shouldn't be able to see what's there unless there's some other monitoring thing in place. (don't recommend slacking off at work) 2) This answer depends heavily on how the VPN is set up. if only the VM traffic is going there, then everything is separated. If everything is going through the VPN, then yes they can see everything
  2. I believe AMD has an app for that called AMD link. I have never used i though, so I cannot vouch for how well it works.
  3. I've used an aircompressor on many systems are not broken anything, so i think you should be fine
  4. so they've worked with LTT before, but "Official Charging Partner" seems a bit of a stretch
  5. I saw this on amazon and it caught my eye. Anker has it under at least one of their amazon listings, but I can't find if it's legit, and it sounds pretty weird. listing: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WRKXQ8W scroll down a bit to find it
  6. To be fair, Killer at this point sounds much better than Gaming. It's been so overused it hurts
  7. Intel has acquired Rivet Networks, a NIC company originally known as Bigfoot Networks. (formally also part of Qualcomm) Known for their Killer branded devices, this acquirement may lead to more advanced network solutions for enthusiasts. A few key notes/takeaways: Link: https://www.anandtech.com/show/15809/intel-acquires-rivet-networks-killer-networking-is-all-in-for-team-blue
  8. After a System Restart it is now doing the opposite, online with occasional flickers. It is usable now though.
  9. The Web Control Panel Works fine, but whenever I try to use the advanced client, it sits at connecting, quickly flashes to online, then back to connecting, rendering it unusable. Does anyone else have this Issue and/or know of a fix? I managed to capture it flickering and attached the clip 2020-03-22 20-21-09-1.m4v
  10. What type of cables are you looking for?
  11. My reasoning is that it would be something different, as these two technologies (meaning raytracing and VR) haven't yet been combined(as far as I could find). The point of both technologies is to bring more realism into the gaming world and combining them seems like the next logical step.
  12. I have seen the recent videos about path tracing in the minecraft shader SEUS, as well as a VR mod for minecraft. I was wondering if anybody had ever put these together successfully, as the performance requirements for 2 screens at 90hz would be quite large and out of my ability to test. Is this practical? If it is practical it would be a very realistic experience. Link to the shader download: (I don't remember what tier it is that you get the beta version with path tracing enabled) https://www.patreon.com/sonicether Link to VR mod: (supports shaders) http://w