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This magnificent specimen was meant to be my new living room media-pc. Everything was going fine, upgraded to win10, setup speedfan, temps were nice 40-45 celsius considering how bad the ventilation is in the case.

The processor in this thing is AMD Athlon X2 215. Decided to change that 10 year old thermal paste and after that everything went right down to the s*itter..


Speedfan couldnt keep up with the temps and fan couldn't bring them down, even at full blast cpu temp was climbing to 70c!

Tried reapplying four more times with different amounts of paste and screw tensions, couldnt get to windows as pc did emergency shutdown, final bios reading was 68c, and continued rising.


One of the heatsink screws finally stripped the mount hole because of the repeated attempts to get it to work, but i just dont understand what went wrong here in the first place? Is the cpu now broken? do i need a new heatsink? WTF!




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