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  1. Had to become creative to be able to practically fit an Intel mini-itx in to this dead Acer Aspire case. The whole back of the case had to be cut away and replaced it with a slab of plastic covered cardboard from a Ring Binder. Cut the holes with a carpet knife and added the aluminium tape to lure away any static electricity from the i/o. Im pretty satisfied considering how bad i am at measuring things properly. its also quite sturdy too.
  2. This magnificent specimen was meant to be my new living room media-pc. Everything was going fine, upgraded to win10, setup speedfan, temps were nice 40-45 celsius considering how bad the ventilation is in the case. The processor in this thing is AMD Athlon X2 215. Decided to change that 10 year old thermal paste and after that everything went right down to the s*itter.. Speedfan couldnt keep up with the temps and fan couldn't bring them down, even at full blast cpu temp was climbing to 70c! Tried reapplying four more times with different amounts of paste and screw tension
  3. For the love of god, do not get a VA panel for gaming, the ghosting will drive you crazy! I tried both cheap and expensive ones with high frequenzy rates, its awful even when reading text on a white background. IPS is good if you get one with no backlight bleed, had a HP 27w monitor with ips panel, black looked glowy gray, and yellow spots of light littered the sides of the panel, contrast was awful with this one. TN panel has fastest display, no blacklight bleed, no ghosting, and gaming monitors today tend to have every single color/contrast option to get it look as best a TN possibly can.
  4. My personal experience as someone who plays most games in the 60 fps range- When i upgraded to 144hz, i really did not see at first what all the fuss was about. I was juggling between displayport, dvi, hdmi to get the image to look the way i like because somehow everything looked a bit off with the higher refresh rates and with different cables, colors/brightness etc. Every game that could utilize the high fps like Hunter Cotw, Doom, looked amazing but at the expense of very loud gpu fan. And every game designed to run lower frame rates all looked stuttery and not smooth at all, i had to make
  5. I was supposed to buy the VP278QG which has native 75hz support but as luck would have it, bought this one instead and only noticed at home that it only supports 60hz... Anyways, i fired the nvidia custom resolutions app and it seems to go up to 74hz, after that it gives out of reach error. Anyone have the same monitor overclocked? Should there be any problems? - Attachments show ufo frameskip tester results at 73hz.
  6. I was also concerned about the grounding inside the case, thanks for the tips!
  7. Just for the heck of it, i decided to mod a cooling fan inside my hifi stereo set. I know it's not very advanced wiring but is this considered ok? I tried first to steal power from the psu's head unit 5v/standby socket but couldn't get the the fan to spin without help, so i found a plastic cased 10 volt dc converter which came from old logitech speakers and decided to wire it straight to the ac input wire as a separate device. Would there be any downsides to this configuration, everything seems to work fine, fan spinning at 10 volts and venting out hot air from the case.
  8. Got rid of the original prebuilt predator case a while back, it looked cool but was totally unpractical to work with.
  9. Found this mobo for relatively cheap price just under 30 euros to replace my very barebones acer g3 710 motherboard. It's got some very impressive specs for the price. Would this work for gaming and other tasks which dont include any mining? I've got a i7 7700 cpu and GTX 1080. There is very little practical info about this board but i dont see any reason to spend 100 eur for something which is essentially the same thing. https://www.gigabyte.com/fi/Motherboard/GA-B250-FinTech-rev-10#kf
  10. Sadly i cant get a proper picture to show to you but they’re nice and small solders, as good as i possibly could make them. My only regret is the absence of flux, (like a pen type) to get the best possible joint.
  11. Hi, calling out to all those who have some experience in soldering, i have an Acer G3 710 morherboard which is a decent board overall. While moving the components to a brand-new case (prebuilt pc with i7 7700 and GTx 1080) i noticed a couple of bad solderings on the pci port pinout, blackened and some visible dimples, SO i decided to reheat those solders to make them more clean looking, i used a bit of new solder and also a makeshift braid to clean excess solder, i used naphta-based contact cleaner while soldering to get the old solder flowing nicely as my old trusty solding iron would get car
  12. I quess i was bit bored? The screen was quite a low point for the laptop to begin with but gaming experince with the keyboard was great so i got rid of the one thing which bothered me. The disassembly was easy thanks to the size of the laptop and is totally reversable.
  13. I’ve modded my Acer Predator Helios 300 17” to be used as a slim Commodore 64 -style PC without the screen, only to output with hdmi to TV or my gaming monitor. I have entirely removed the laptop hinges and display/wlan wirings. All thing considered the laptop works perfectly fine and is much more portable thanks to the excess weight loss. Would there be any long-term disadvantages to this mod, considering the hardware and might it cause any conflict with the intel gpu and nvidia?