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Intel NUC Custom Case Degin Mini PC Mod

Hello Everyone

I want to share my design of the mini case

It's a very time-consuming project

It's a pity that I can't upload more pictures. I still have a lot of details to share

I'm trying!


Case Plan

  1. My goal is to design a case that can replace parts freely

  2. It's smaller than the Gigabyte thunderbolt 3 gamengbox dock or NUC 9 Extreme

  3. It can be an x86 soft routing / Gamingstreaming Server / Remote Workstation


Case Specifications

  • Case Size 2.6liter 156x192x90mm

  • Motherboard NUC with Intel or AMD

  • GPU Size MAX 186x122mm 2slot

  • Power 12v 400w Industrial power supply

  • Cooler 1U LGA2011 Soaking plate + Fan 3x7010 1x9013


Storage Drive

The only m.2 port is connected to the GPU, and there is a 2.5-inch SATA hard disk in the chassis. Because I think the bandwidth of SATA is not as fast as that of usb3.1, so I currently use usb3.1 to m.2 SSD











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