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USB Devices not installing on pc.

Hello everyone this is my 1st time i writing in any forum, usually i find solution pretty fast, but this time google isn`t hellping much.

Problem is pretty annoying, non of my devices that connect true usb install their software or drivers making them work like regular usb thumbsticks, because of this when i install software and drivers manually all programs show that device is not connected. Right now i have problems connecting my phone tablet and navigation.

Things i tried so far reinstaling usb driver i checked all usb ports this for some reason doesn`t affect any periferals as they work just fine like (mouse, keyboard, microfone... )

If there is anyone smart enough that my know something i would apreciate that very much.

Ps im not english so be patient on my grammar skills :)


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a lot of phones and tablets don;t actually interface with computers directly unlike mice/keyboards/usd drives would.

you also typically have to change settings on the phone to allow it to be connected to a computer and be accessible

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Thank you for reply, i thing i have to clarefy that all my devices work like intented on my sisters laptop or my brothers pc, when you connect them they start installing required software for them to work but not on my pc.

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