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Is this a video card, motherboard or what type of issue?

So I "lock" my desktop each night before going to bed and turn off both monitors. For the third time now in the last two weeks when I've turned on my monitors they give me a "we don't have a signal so we're going to sleep" type of message. Any idea what it could be? I don't really know how to troubleshoot something like this...


Specs: EVGA RTX 2070 | Ryzen 7 3700x | 32GB Ram | 650w PSU | Windows 10 Pro (1909)


Just now I have been using the computer surfing Chrome for a couple hours. Well for the last half hour I was playing rocket league. Both monitors lost signal to the pc at the exact same time. Took side off pc and all fans are spinning, temp of inside of case doesn't feel too hot but the gpu feels hot to touch. Fans on GPU were both spinning though. Any idea? The monitors are two of these.

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Next time monitor the temps of the GPU real time through Rivatuner. It will show you the temps while you're in game. 

I assume that since the monitors are plugged into the GPU, the most likely culprit is the GPU. However, it could also be anything else. 

You should also check windows reliability monitor for more information.

Best of luck

Check out 


R5 2600x - 2070S - X570 - H210




I should still be writing papers...

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