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Recommended Mini-ITX/SFX Case



I was thinking about a build I want to do later this year and I was originally considering going for a normal ATX case, but it occurred to me I might be interested in going for a small form factor case. I've never done one before and I'm curious to try one. Problem is, I haven't got a clue what makes a good ITX case. Could anyone recommend me one? I value performance over aesthetics if that helps.



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What you decide to put into your case greatly impacts what case you choose, significantly more so that a standard ATX case. 


Basically, "How small do you want to go?" Your CPU cooler, GPU, PSU and storage options need to reflect this as well, not just the case. It's best to create a full parts list first and then figure out what case it will fit in, and adjust your build or case options accordingly.  

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