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question for streamdeck xl users


Before i buy anything i check for known issues lol. found a few videos about streamdeck xl where people had issues where the body/enclosure was slightly warped and it was pressing all the middle buttons constantly. another issue just buttons not working. are these rare or common? i guess either way i could contact for warranty but still curious you know.

secondly, im not familiar with elgato release cycles and hate getting something and something else new comes out. no rumors of new stream decks coming out?

thirdly, I use mac and pc daily switching back and forth for different online lessons. and i have my mic, webcam and other things on a USB hub and i just switch one cable between the two machines during the day. I currently use streamdeck mobile app as a test and when im on my mac it loads the profile i have on my mac onto my iphone. and when i connect the mobile app to the pc i have a different profile thtere loaded from the windows app. this is great.

I would want it to be the same when i get the physical stream deck. Are the profiles and stuff saved on the physical streamdeck or simply displayed depending on which computer its plugged into? kind of like a monitor? when i plug it into my mac i want it to have my mac profiles, when plugged into pc, i want it to display pc profiles. will this be possible? just like the mobile app

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