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Mounting a TV on a slanted wall

I am considering hanging a 55 in samsung flat screen (not curved) on a slanted wall. I would like to have the tv hanging at an angle in front of my bed so I can lay back and watch it without straining my neck, I know... first world problems.


I saw Linus's Most Comfortable Gaming Setup video from a few years ago, where he hung a 65 in tv on a 55 degree wall.

He used this mount, which he said was capable of holding 200lbs, but is not recommended for slanted wall like he did. 



I was considering to secure the tv to the mount with 4 additional heavy duty zip ties as a fail safe in case the bracket slips out of the top or bottom. 

I attached an image of my room, poorly drew in where my bed would be, and circled the slant for the tv where i want the TV. 

Not sure if it matters, but I also want to have my desk under it, might be a bad idea if the tv falls and breaks my monitors. 


Anyone have some good ideas for how to do this? Good idea? Bad idea?


Thank you 


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the mount looks solid to me. but you need to find a wooden beam to anchor it safely.

but if it's a concrete wall, you need not worry.

why don't you just stick it in the flat wall like normal people, i think the slanted one is a bit high.

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Should work fine, and zip ties aren't necessary due to gravity.  If a mount holds a TV on a vertical wall, a slanted is the same.  it can't slip.

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I would hang it lower, but the problem is I'm trying to save space. The room isn't huge, but I need to fit a full size bed, a 6ft long desk and a dresser. 


I want to be able to watch the tv from my bed, and thats the only spot I can put the bed. I also want to fit my desk under it which will be about 5 ft tall to the top of the monitors.



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