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SSD 2.5 vs NVME M.2 question


Some computers especially older ones don’t have an m.2 slot so a 2.5” drive is all they can get. 

I am far from an expert in this so please correct me if I’m wrong.

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They're just an older technology that is performance limited by sata.

Most of the cost is the nand, which just changes the capacity, so that's why it's similar in price to M.2 drives.

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29 minutes ago, ItsMeRachata said:

Why SSD 2.5 is nearly the same price as the NVME M.2 but not the same performance as NVME M.2 . What's the benefit of SSD 2.5 over NVME M.2?

SSD 2.5" connects using a SATA interface like your average hard drive.

M.2 uses a different connection, which can be routed to SATA or PCI-E depending on the motherborad and the drive, which affect speed.


Difference between them if all things are equal (same storage, same price) are usually in speed. PCI-E based drives are much faster than sata in theory, but in the pratical usage they are in almost all instances equal or not noticeably different at all. Same Ryzen 1xxx motherboard/CPUs can have problems with some NVME drives.

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