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Finally going AIO, can I get some questions answered before I enter the dark side?

So, after getting a Corsair h115i pro xt to cool my 9900k i was pretty excited. That is until i realized, I don’t know where to even start with an AIOs. Im so used big beefy air coolers that im completely lost. I just want some help answering some questions  for a nice little introduction into the AIO world. 

1)Do pump really die that often? I was reading that Pump need to constantly run at 100% speed making them die in 2-3 years and that unlike an air cooler, an AIO should not be kept on overnight as it can drastically lower the lifespan(not good for me considering I fall asleep with netflix on all the time) 


2) how much software do you need to get the AIO working? I was watching a video that told me that many AIOs require a software program to keep the pump running at 100% so it doesnt die early. (This was an NZXT aio so im not sure if it applies to Corsair aswell)


3)Installation. As far as I can tell theres a thousand different ways to mount the fans on the radiator and im just not sure what is best. An indirect or direct mount of the AIO, intake or exhaust fans? And what screws to use in each method of installment.

Sorry if these questions are vague and unclear, i do not know the technical terms for any of this stuff.

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I've had a 50 dollar unbranded standard asetek 120mm AIO since 2015. I use it on my OC'd 6700k and never have issues with temperature. Unless I'm really pumping up the voltages, it generally stays under 70c. It would be lower if I wasn't running a 600mhz overclock on a non-delidded CPU.


1) Do pump really die that often?

No. They don't. And if you're legitimately worried about it, sell the corsair and buy one from EVGA. They have far better customer service. But, as someone who has had a cheapo AIO for 5 years, they shouldn't fail / leak. I also keep my computer on overnight usually.


2) How much software do you need to get it working?

Zero software. It works like an air cooler. Your motherboard should have a plug in for a pump / cpu cooler. Works the same as that. Should be totally plug and play. The only software you would need is for maybe RGB / lighting effects


3) How hard is installation?

Depends on what case you have. I would put the radiator against the case with the fans on the inside. Generally intake (front of the case) works best. Look up a tutorial on how to install. It isn't as difficult as it looks. 

AIOs install to the motherboard just like air coolers as far as mounting goes.

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1) No they don't, it's super rare. I've had my H100i for like 7 years with no problems. Depending on what AIO it is, some need their pump to run at full speed, others have variable speed pumps. If you have a fixed speed pump and you try running it slower what happens is it will stall and your PC won't get any cooling.


2) None, all AIOs can work without any software. Some motherboards have an "AIO pump" header which will run your pump at 100%, other motherboards have BIOS fan control where you can change the fan curve or completely disable it so it runs at 100%, ther are lots of options.


3) read the manual, the fans can go on either side of the radiator, between the rad and the case, or not. It doesn't really matter.

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