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  1. okay, thanks. What about the seasonic focus plus 850 gold?
  2. Okay, I guess its just fine to see what happens then. What PSU would you recommend in the 150-200 dollar range? I have a friend thats looking for a psu that could run a 1660ti so my cxm would be good. And i could return the gigabyte one for 90 dollars.
  3. Okay... If it doesn't handle it, will something catastrophic happen? Or will the computer just shut down? Like, will it damage any components? Also could I just solve that by lowering the power limit a bit? 95% or something?
  4. Oh, i see. So this is more accurate? https://www.techpowerup.com/review/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-3070-gaming-oc/29.html#:~:text=In gaming%2C the card is,the card higher for longer.
  5. https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/geforce-rtx-3070-founder-review,6.html
  6. How is TDP useless? I looked at an article and it said the peak power usage of the 3070 under their testing was 208 watts. The TDP is 220 watts, which is like... similar... And yea I know if it was a 3080 it would need like 100 more watts easy so id need to get an 850W at least. Could you tell me what to do please? I'm not well versed in power supplies and when people give me vague answers I just don't understand what I should do. Nvidia recommended a 750W psu with a 3070/ryzen9 computer. How is this corsair one not good enough?
  7. Pcpartpicker has the wattage of my computer at less than 500. Why would a 750w not be enough
  8. Uh... okay. What does mean something? I'm not looking to spend 150 dollars on a power supply
  9. Is there anything fundamentally wrong with doing this? It has been running a 1080 for 4 years. I don't see why I couldn't use it? The 3070 tdp is only like 30 watts higher than the 1080 right?
  10. I just talked with an agent. They said that they allow returns on parts of bundles but that the bundle discount is deducted from the refund, which is fine. That just means I will be back at square one and will have purchased a 3070 for $560, which is fine. The more annoying part is that I have to pay for return shipping on it. They couldn't just cancel that part of the bundle preemptively, so now its getting shipped twice for no real reason.
  11. I just snagged a 3070 from Newegg. I was hoping for a 3080 but saw this in stock, so I grabbed it. It is a Gigabyte 3070 Gaming OC for $560. Unfortunately it was bundled with a PSU that I don't need, but could maybe use (?). It is a Gigabyte GP-P750GM Fully modular 750 watt. I currently have a Corsair Semi Modular CX750m 750 watt. Is this new one an upgrade? The reviews seem a bit sketch with a significant amount of them saying it was DOA. If it isn't, is it a good idea for me to just return it? From what I can tell, when returning items from a bundle, they just subtra
  12. Well, I do have a 1080p 144hz monitor. So a 2080 or 2080S probably would still be overkill. I just want RTX without buying a 2060 or 2070 since they would be about the same as a 1080 in normal stuff
  13. I want to upgrade to an RTX capable graphics card from my 1080. Looking to spend around 500 dollars. Bonus points for anything with a waterblock that would still be in the price range. What graphics cards do you think I should start looking for that are within that price range on the used market? 2080S? 2080? My main goal is to have an rtx capable graphics card by the time Cyberpunk comes out. I'm also open to a 3070 but I am unsure if I can get ahold of one by then.