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Upgraded PC occasional stutter. ryzen 3600x


I recently upgraded hardware. I put in a new motherboard, Ram, GPU and CPU (specs will be listed below)
I fresh installed windows and updated it as well as all drivers.
I have been having an issue occasionally on some boot ups where it seems like maybe the CPU is hanging up it'll stutter the boot-up noise and my mouse will stutter a lot. If I watch a video it will get stuck on frames and stutter as well. If I restart it will go away most the time I've only booted it with new hardware about 10 times. If I don't get these hangups/stutters immediately on startup they don't seem to show up later either. I've had a few game sessions the past day that lasted multiple hours and no issues.
I had used the bios A-XMP mode to get the ram to 3600 and the issue persists whether it is off or on.


 *EDIT* It seems to happen most on cold boot, after restarting it goes away almost every time I have only had it persist once or twice in the past 2 days but another restart stopped it.


I would appreciate any ideas on what to look into or  how to fix this.

CPU: Ryzen 3600x
MOBO: MSI x570-A Pro
GPU: 2070 Super
Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 2x8gb DDR4 3600
PSU: EVGA 850w Bronze 80+



5/3/2020 Update:

It seems very consistent. It happens every cold boot I let it run for a few minutes then Force Shut Down (Normal shutdown just hangs leaving my fans and internals on it seems) after I force shutdown I turn it back on and it performs fine, I have never seen it act up after I do this process outside of maybe half a second of a stutter (frame and audio) but that only happens very rarely, only seen it maximum of 3 times after gaming for 5-6 hours.

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