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16GB x 2 3200MHz Dominator Platinum RGB not hitting 3200MHz Help Please!

So to get to the point of the matter, i'm running this memory on X570 platform. 

First off I tried the standard D.O.C.H profile which my previous memory was running on, which was corsair vengeance lpx 4 x 8GB @ 3000MHz which the profile clocked to 3200MHz with cas @ 16-18-18- 36 @ 1.36V. That ran fine and caused no problems what so ever.

Then I tried manually overclocking the ram to 3200MHz @ 1.35V, that didn't work, so I upped the voltage 1.375V, no success so then I went to 1.40V and still nothing.

I've finally got the ram sitting at 3000MHz @ 1.35V. But as soon as I bump the frequency above 3000MHz it boots into safe mode. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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I’m fine with CPU and GPU overclocking but never really delved into memory overclocking any advice would be advantageous. 

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Default value is 1.1v I raised it to 1.2v and then set the ram @ 3066MHz @ 1.375V then at 1.4V and still booted into safe mode

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