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  1. i reinstalled Windows, i did not found a solution, probably it was a malware that was taking extra RAM. Thanks for help!
  2. 1836 mb 50% when i have 16gb of ram!? it should be 10-12% (Chrome)
  3. Thats not all computer RAM, that is chrome ram usage in percentage, my all computer RAM percentage is 80-90%
  4. Thats obvious, but 1600mb is not 50% of my ram! is the 10%
  5. Im really confused. If 50% of ram is 1600mb, i have 3200mb of ram but thats not true. Please help, im always +65% RAM
  6. I think my GPU is damaged but there is the possibility that the PCI pins of my motherboard are broken. I want to test my GPU in other PCI slot but my case have the other slots locked. Where I can put my motherboard for testing. Could I put it in a wood desk?
  7. Sometimes there are artifacts and then the screen goes crazy, I will post a video
  8. My Sapphire RX 570 Pulse is doing this kind of thing since yesterday. I will post a few images showing my card pci pins. Visual damage?
  9. Input delay, I press my mouse or move it and a second later (exaggerating, but the input delay is very noticeable) is that it moves on the screen, I know it is not my mouse and keyboard because it also happens with controller, I have changed everything from my pc in a time of 6 months and the only thing left for me to change is the psu. So by discard I think it is the psu that gives me input lag. (in case you ask, also change the monitor)
  10. Can someone help me with this, i think bas voltages are giving me input lag
  11. I think that im suffering input lag from bad voltages, someone help pls
  12. The ATX or microatx Aorus, i think that the ASUS bios is better.