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watercooler making wierd noise after new case swap

i bought a new computer case, i transfered my pc into this new case, obviously rewired everything, and now while the computer is running the pump is making a noise that sounds like when a piece of tape on a fan blade hits something over and over.. ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta.. nothing changed from my old build to the new build besides the case and a few wires for the new case fans.. the ONLY thing on the molex line used to be the pump, and now the only things on that same line are the pump and 3 120mm fans and their rgb lights connected to their rgb controllers that are each built into the fan.. theres no seperate controller. 3 fans, 3light strips, 3 rgb controllers. only wires coming off the fans are the 4 wire wires connected to 3 4 pin molex plugs, attached to a 3pin molex plug, connected to the 4 pin molex plug from my psu.. i highly doubt its a power issue but thats the only thinkg i can think of.. the pump isnt getting enough power? or maybe something got into the sealed loop from the all in one watercooler?? and the blades in the pump are hitting it? or one of the fans in the pump randomly got bent somehow???? or theres an air bubble somehow??

i have no idea wtf is going on but its pissing me off. temps are all still fine. the pump is obviously still working. but that noise is both irritating me because its an irritating noise and because it is a problem in my pc that is supposed to be problem free. i run my pc for the majority of the day and night daily and it has been doling it the whole time.. and still working the whole time.. still cooling.. i tried moving the lines to the side, top, bottom, of the pump and the same thing happens.. i tried moving the rad's tubes to the top side and bottom and the same thing happens.. the res is attached the 120mm rad at the bottom. the pump is on the waterblock.. 3 wires to a 3pin plug. attached to a 3pin to molex adapter, to the molex line on a 750watt 80+ silver evga supernova psu..

i am at a complete loss for what to do to stop this noise besides buy a new cooler. yes i even tried banging the waterblock/pump on my hand a few times.. only thing i didnt do is take it apart to look at the guts because i dont see how to get the plastic cover off of it.. just figured id try one last time to figure it out by posting this here before i get a new one.

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