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    God, computers. PC gaming, Tattoos, dirt bikes, recovery
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    Tattoo Artist, construction, exterior home renovations


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    Intel i9 9900k
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    MSI MEG Z390 Godlike
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    32GB 3200mhz Dominator Platinum DDR4
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    MSI Gaming X Trio 2080ti
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    Corsair Nighthawk
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    Eris 4.5" studio monitors
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    Windows 10 Professional 64Bit
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    Galaxy Note 20 ultra / Galaxy Note 9

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  1. hmmm.. I'm gonna try the pencil eraser. I usually just use a scalpel to lightly scrape up the pads. Ive always had good success with that on old battery terminals or corroded pads on old electronics.. I like that eraser idea though. Less damage to the pads.
  2. yep, it was a dead ram stick.. Very weird. in my entire life of building computers this is the first ram stick ive seen die without something physically happening to it.. It was perfectly fine one second, dead the next second.. And idk why ddr3 is still so expensive. ddr5 is about to come out.. cot damn!
  3. The reason I took everything apart and put it back together was to clean and reapply thermal pastes and clean out fans and reseat memory. I'll try only using one stick. Maybe one went bad. They are pretty old.
  4. I built my son a gaming pc out of parts I had laying around in boxes trying to get him into the pc world.. he loves pc gaming but he uses a usb controller on PC. I failed as a pc master race gaming parent .. So he started his pc like normal one time, everything was fine.. he opened fortnite and the screen went black. After a few minutes I held down the power button till it reset. When turning it back on the bios post beep occurred but then the screen stayed black. The bios opening logos didn't even come on screen. And the tv doesn't even recognize anything is plugged in.. so toda
  5. i am aware what functions exist on some controllers. What this post was asking is help identifying specific wires in search of specific functions. So i appreciate you trying to help but this isnt what im looking for. Contacting an ebike store is a good idea though. I'll try that. ty
  6. The current wiring config is how it came in the mail hooked up inside the scooter. There are no switches or even labels other than the 1-2 letters on the pcb i showed in the pic. And yeah obviously there "may be" the functions listed.. thats the whole point of this post.. Trying to find the wires for those functions. Ive googled every number on the pcb, googled the scooter, googled similar scooters, googled random other controllers to compare the wires, looked at every wiring diagram i could find trying to see if the colors are universal across all controllers.. etc.. it came with no documenta
  7. Are you just arbitrarily naming random functions?
  8. I know this has nothing to do with computers but I always find the most knowledgeable people here on ltt dot com... I have been searching for a month online, posting in Facebook groups, trying every possible thing I could to find the answer to this question.. which is: what in the hell is the wiring diagram/pinout of my controller pcb (pictured) in order to find out what these empty plugs are on the controller (pictured)... The wiring makes no sense. The reason I need to find the wiring is because this is a 48v 1600watt scooter.. it should be hauling ass. But it has ex
  9. I actually just uninstalled and then reinstalled all the latest drivers for LAN.. and there was a chipset update i installed. I also just tried completely disconecting the ethernet alltogether and only using the onboard wifi adapter.. and the same thing is still happening in all scenarios.. I really dont understand whats going on . lol.. How can i watch youtube on my phone AANNDD another laptop at the same time as a download is happening on my main pc but as soon as i try to go to youtube on the main pc, the page doesnt even load.. The network can carry the bandwidth.. but something about my a
  10. The different cable is being used right now and the same problem is happening. i also just tried both ethernet jacks on the motherboard. Same result. And i tried 2 jacks on the router. Same result. I got this motherboard earlier this year. maybe 7-8 months ago. Its a 700 dollar motherboard ill be pissed if something is physically wrong with it! lol And 100% definitely this has NOT always been happening. i have always downloaded or updated games in the background and watched youtube while i waited for them. Thats my routine. I know it well. I remember the very day it started happening
  11. Sure did. My motherboard is the MSI MEG Z390 Godlike. It has dual gigabit ethernet jacks. ive tried them both on all 4 of the router jacks. And yes all ethernet drivers are installed. all the normal ones and all the "Killer" ones. I'll manually check the website to see if there are any updates but MSI Dragon center is pretty good about finding everything that needs updating and putting it all in one place to view and download and install.
  12. i havent tried a new cable.. good idea.. But everything on pc is 100% up to date. even windows. And in the process of trying to figure this out i factory reset and updated the firmware of the router and i factory reset the modem and had spectrum push the latest everything to it. And this morning spectrum was here and they replaced a cable jack on the wall and added a filter to the line.
  13. About a week ago i noticed when i was watching a youtube video and i clicked on the realplayer download button and shortly after my youtube video stopped to buffer because there was a download now happening.. It never did this before. There was always plenty of bandwidth to go around.. I now have come to realize that whenever i am doing any two or more things that require the internet only one will workk. I can not download a game on steam while watching youtube, i cant download a game on battle net while loading facebook, i can not stream netflix while an update runs in the background, i cant
  14. i keep my computers pretty spotless. Virtually and physically. And i just built this pc a few months ago so it shouldnt be dusty or dirty or clogged with virtual or physical crap
  15. i dont think it s a virus. i have avast premium and paid malwarebytes running at all times. plus the normal windows defender stuff. I'll run a scan though