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Multi-monitor derp when resuming from sleep mode?


I currently have an RTX 2080 with 2 monitors attached via DP->HDMI adapters.  When I resume from "sleep" mode, the secondary monitor for a split second displays my login screen, then the first display comes on with the login screen, and second display comes back on as a secondary.

I can deal with that weirdness but the main issue is that once I login, any windows that I had positioned on the secondary display when I engaged sleep mode are now on my main display


Is this a Windows(10) issue or is there a way to make it behave properly?


I have tried:

* Running main monitor straight HDMI->HDMI

* Running secondary monitor from the onboard intel HDMI

* Using HDMI->DVI adapter on secondary monitor

* Using DP->HDMI->DVI adapter on secondary monitor (LOL)


Every combination I have tried seems to have no effect on the the secondary display windows being moved to the primary display after waking from sleep.



I just realized the issue is more annoying than I first realized. The "sleep" state I was referring to earlier was from going to Start->Power->Sleep, which shuts down even my case fans and is a super low power mode (C4?). I just noticed that after my computer is idle for 15mins, and goes into it's normal power save mode (monitors blank but system is running), I get the same behavior.


I assume this is issues with the BIOS settings of my new motherboard. I guess I'll dig into those and see if I can figure it out.

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