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Intel Core I5-9400F Worth the upgrade???

Hello, I have a few questions to pick the brains of the forum here. 


My current config is as follows

CPU- Intel Core I5 7400 @3.00GHZ

MOBO- Asus Prime b250m-A

Memory 16GB Corsair Vengence PRO RGB @2400Mhz (limited by mobo)

GPU- EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC

PSU- 500 Watt 

Storage- Boot- Samsung 970 EVO 250GB

Storage - MASS- Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB


My use case is this. I play csgo and i have a 144HZ monitor, being that CSGO is a more cpu dependent game, I push about 200 FPS. However, I would like to start to stream/record my gameplay and I feel that my current CPU is holding back. I am never able to consistenly have above 250 fps at all. The other game I play is APEX Legends. While this game whenever I play it pins my CPU at 100% usage. There can be periods of time where the game studders and on task manager the CPU is maxed out whenever I play this game. 


Is it worth it to spend money on that CPU and new MOBO or should I wait and save up some more for an I7 or i5 9600K?


P.S I am not a fan of Ryzen after running into issues with memory compatibility with the same ram that I have on my friends computer.

Intel Only

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11 minutes ago, ELSknutson said:

no its not worth the upgrade. If you plan on streaming I would save up for the i7 or a decent ryzen chip 

Keep in mind in OBS, i use the NVENC codec for encoding no X264

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If you went with the it you would be going from an inadequate streaming CPU to a slightly less inadequate CPU. You really want an i7 or a ryzen 6 core or 8 core for streaming. You really need hyperthreading on a 6 core to make it able to stream well. Who knows maybe by the time you save up the money ryzen 3000 series will be out and you could get a high core count CPU for much cheaper. 

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