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    Asrock B250M PRO4
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    G Skill Ripjaws 8x2 16gb of ram (2800mhz)
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    rx 480 MSI Armor OC 4gb
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    Nzxt S340 (Would recommend)
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    WD 1TB 7200rpm HDD
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    evga bq 500w
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    Using two preinstalled fans (1 front + 1 rear)
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    Some standard logitech keyboard
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    Rival 300
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    Windows 10 64 bit
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  1. Hello everyone, my windows 10 machine has been acting weird lately. In full detail, sometimes my windows 10 OS refuses to load anything. When it comes to the programs, the OS refuses to load any of them including stuff on the taskbar and the start menu also doesn't work. Trying to open programs by doing the windows key + R also doesn't work since nothing shows up after pressing those keys and same thing when trying to do ctr alt delete. Any webpages open during this time also refuses to load. Another strange thing is when I'm plugging out my peripherals and plugging them back in while all of t
  2. Hello, everyone. One of my ps3 controllers that I dug up from a while ago has this strange sticky (likely dry) liquid around and inside the d-pad area. After some cleaning and wiping with some rubbing alcohol, the dried liquid seems to be have this yellow/orangish color and it doesn't seem to come off no matter how hard I try. Does anyone know what this mysterious liquid is? If so, is the liquid harmful or dangerous to the touch? I know, kind of a paranoid question. In my opinion, I suspect someone must have spilled some drink on it and it never got cleaned up but I can't be too sure.
  3. This seems easier said than done. How would users be able to differentiate between a bot and a legit seller? and I highly doubt it will be easy to get rid of the bots that do this. Unless they somehow are able to implement this well, which I doubt
  4. TLDR, don't preorder games or buy games on release. If games like cyberpunk, that have well respected developers that are known for making awesome games, can fall into this "broken buggy crappy launch" schtick, so can any other game. Edit: Also there is a problem with companies lying. It being "normal" doesn't change that and don't point fingers solely at the customers (though they are part of the problem) point at the companies who lied.
  5. I have been using ipvanish for a while but the speeds haven't been really impressive to me. So I'm just wondering if anyone has gotten any recommendations for a new paid VPN service I could use that has these things. 1. Faster speeds for US servers and servers outside of the US 2. Non-sketchy reputation and good security encryption 3. Reduced or no data caps 4. Good amount of servers available
  6. I would not consider thequartering a reputable news source IMO.
  7. Wow I got banned for "spam" for asking a question relating to my eczema condition in their health and fitness section. Seriously, go fuck yourself anandtech. I won't be using your shitty forums in the future with that kind of crap going on. 


    Oh and btw, I can't contact your crappy system admin if you are constantly going to keep showing me this "you have been banned" page. Maybe I'm wrong about that and If I am please feel free to correct me.andantech.thumb.PNG.90bee3348fccc1e9f6339f96bcaaf62c.PNG





    1. seee the state im in nooow

      seee the state im in nooow

      probably triggered their spam filter with some keywords ,_, the spam in this forum is also.... health related... in nature

      (strange that they removed you after a post in said related subforum though o_o)


      send Ryan Smith a DM on twitter?

  8. It seems that there are times when I install GPUs, their screw holes don't line up with the holes in the computer cases (in both high quality and low quality cases) even when re-installing the card many times. It would be either both holes not lining up or 1 lining up but not the rest. This usually results in me having to pull the gpu back quite a bit to get the holes to line up (sometimes it works better when its seated in the slot). Is this line-up problem an issue with me having a brainfart on how to install gpus or is it something else?
  9. I'd say Mainstream media is more accurate than conspiracy theories but at the same time though they should be looked at with an open mind.
  10. Forgot this stalker game existed...Hope they fix this breach ASAP Cheeki Breeki iv damke
  11. I see bad parenting as a factor to this issue but not the ONLY factor. Like you said, it could be a multitude of other factors including parents not understanding the tech which doesn't mean they are bad parents outright. Again, it is one of those complex issues that I can't even weigh too much into it. Edit: Though I believe that some people putting majority blame/responsibility on the streamer is rather ignorant
  12. Considering your situation, I think console suits you. I'm not hearing much motivation from your post to buy/build a gaming pc.
  13. So an aunt of mine wants to be able to get her PC on the internet without it cutting out every 20-30 mins (which is happening when she is using wifi and the fact that her pc is downstairs in her house layers away from the router doesn't help). So I've been thinking about getting her a powerline adapter for her. She really doesn't need anything too crazy since she basically checks her email, watches YT videos & streams, and surfs the web. All she wants is internet connectivity without it cutting out every 20-30 mins.
  14. Yeah I'm planning to buy a huger external drive to place my windows image on and probably do more than that if I can.... Okay now to respond to your other comment you left on my other thread (which is exactly like this one) Except what I'm doing is nowhere near a file sync and a file copy to an external drive seems to be much more different than a file sync...And I don't know how a file copy to an external drive doesn't count as a backup, is it the best tho? not really imo. So veeam allows you to make a whole windows image backup to a cloud for free, correct
  15. I want to do a full system image of my C drive and back it up somewhere reliably safe. My C drive partition is about 930gb with 480gb used. Would it be better to back the image up to a cloud or external drive?