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Rx580 screen flickering and "star-like" graphic glitches

Hello all!! 


To provide a little background: back in 2012-2013 I bought this radeon R9 290x (if I recall correctly) which was dead from the very beginning, I had artifacts on my desktop, and games like shogun 2 and skyrim would show all kinds of artifacts, and flickering. after quite a heated discussion with the company that sold the parts I got the money back and purchased another video card which is the one I had until last week (I still have it).  


Ever since that event I was quite wary of purchasing AMD again, last week I went ahead and bought this new card, the RX 580, the 8 gb version, in the hopes the r9 situation was only an isolated case. Kind of giving a second chance to AMD. 


I bought a new system: ryzen 3 2200g, 16 gb of ram, B-450m pro-m2, with 500w 100-w1-0500-kr PSU and put the card in. Started playing witcher 3, and noticed that there were some issues with flickering objects, like they would dissapear for just a frame and the come back again, or that some textures would change to this bright green colour. Ocassionaly I had some big flickering squares in front of me, like black squares. 


I tried the same in DOOM, rainbow six siege and GTA V, in DOOM I couldn't notice anything out of the ordinary. GTA V was as flickery as witcher 3. And rainbow six had like these problems in which textures extend more than they are supposed to? (I don't really know how to explain it). 


Temps are ok: 25 Idle, 55-65 under load (sometimes it reaches 70).


I have tried clean installing 18.12.3 drivers, and then 18.12.2 and then 17.7.2 (read somewhere that was a stable version someone used). But none of that changed anything. 


I have yet to try changing the monitor, changing the cables (I've been using the HDMI port), trying my old gtx 960 in the new system trying the new rx 580 in the old system... 


Is there anything else you feel could change the result? Where I live this stuff is really expensive, and even though I got this on a deal, I still spent 250$ on it. If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them! 


I'll keep updating when I try other things!  

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i would try using the 960 in the new system just to double check that the issue is from the gpu , then i would try to return it and get another one as it might be a defect

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