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Wraith Prism RGB Issues/Crashing


So I've been having some weird issues with my Wraith Prism cooler on my 2700x. I've included a video to show whats happening a little clearer (besides the crappy lighting in the video :P)


It can't seem to keep a white color on the fan LED, It starts white and then slowly turns orange even when set to be only white.


I also can't use color cycle or static mode on the ring LED or else it crashes the cooler master software (What happens at the end of the video where the RGB resets).


It's connected to the motherboard over the USB header, not the RGB header, as you can't even use the ring RGB with that header. I have the latest update for the RGB software.


Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?


Here's the aforementioned video: 


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