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Sudden periodic and constant ping spikes out of nowhere


Hi there,

I've an MSI H110M Pro VD plus motherboard that had an Asus PCE-N15 WiFi card in it. Everything was working without a hitch (constant 25ms on any online game i was playing) until suddenly, i noticed ping spikes which in cmd running a "ping -t" command showed me that my ping was shooting from 14ms to in excess of 200-300 every 7 or 8 pings continuously. This only happens on my PC, ive another PC and a laptop on the same network which dont suffer this issue at all, none of them are plugged in via ethernet yet my laptop and 2nd PC keep a constant 14ms on the cmd ping tests and online games.

I attempted downloading and updating any drivers i could find but this didnt resolve the issue.

I ended up actually replacing the wifi card, thinking it was faulty and put in an Asus PCE-AC56. Again, after downloading and updating any drivers i could for it, im still left at the same problem of incredibly periodic ping spikes.

Would a reinstall of windows be something i should do next? Or do you think it could be an issue with the slot in my motherboard? Like i said it was all working fine until it randomly started happening out of nowhere. 

Any ideas/tips?


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  • 1 year later...

I will make an attempt at asking whether you ever fixed this issue. Did you go for a reinstall or did you find another solution?

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