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Video Intro (Sony Vegas)


Hi everyone,


First of all, I had no clue where to post this, so I'm sorry if it isn't in the right section to post this in.


Now that we got that out of the way, it is time to tell you what I am looking for...


I am an amateur video editor, who is looking for some video intros. I mainly make videos of my holidays, so to say I have lots of experience is a lie.

I can find lots of intros on the internet, however these are mainly for YouTubers who want to put their name in the beginning of the video in a flashy way.

I am looking for (a) slick and clean video intro, preferably only text.


Roughly a year ago I found something I really liked and put it in one of my videos. I went on and searched for intros like that for the next video but I couldn't find them anywhere.


My questions therefore are:

1. Does anyone know a website/something else I can find these kind of intro/outro for videos (free or with pay-wall)?

2. How easy is it to make these kinds of intro/outro on my own and if yes, please tell me how/link me to somewhere I can learn that.


For editing I use Sony Vegas, so preferably it has to be compatible with Sony Vegas. However, if it turns out there are more options with other programs, I would be interested.


This is for example the intro I have used 2 times now (first 8 seconds):



Thanks in advance,



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