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Right To Repair Movement Parallels to the "Robots" Movie

I recently watched Linus' and other channels videos on Apple's lack of repair service, and after doing my part to support the Right to Repair Movement I decided to go ahead and make this edited image of the movie poster "Robots."


I remember watching this movie as a child and thinking it didn't really apply to the modern day...I was very. Very. VERY. Wrong. Although I wish I wasn't. It almost perfectly parallels what is going on with apple.

For those of you who haven't seen it (SPOILERS AHEAD), this movie is about robot life; no humans exist. As such, robots (much like real life computers) need the occasional repair and spare parts. Except in this world the main company to supply those spare parts are starting to release only new parts, without providing repairmen either. The main character is THE repair bot and manages to take down the anti-spare-parts agenda, paving the way for easier repairs and a myriad of customization. In my opinion this aligns with apple's lack of a repair and customization agenda and the Right to Repair Movement's fight against it.  


If anyone has suggestions or critiques of the image or the parallels I am drawing, please let me know. Thanks all!

Sidenote: couldn't find a better place than off-topic to put this :P




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