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Triple monitor setup for office productivity, worth it?




I have 2x1440p 27" Dell monitors arranged in an angle to the center. My office table is straight 5 foot (no angles). My keyboard and chair is almost all the time angled to the left facing the left monitor, and rarely go to the right. I also have another 24" 1080p monitor for the customers facing them and use screen mirroring when showcasing items. I have few items regarding triple monitor setup. I work in an office environment, almost all the time at the desk. I have a GTF 770 (taken from my gaming pc at home since I sold the components off)


1. Is it worth to add another 1440p 27" dell ultrasharp monitor? I use all the real-estate of the screen using the windows left/right buttons to get 4 screens. This so that the keyboard be dead perpendicular to the center monitor and I view items to the left and right.

2. There are 2 types of triple monitor bracket. Lengthwise and one monitor on top with two at the bottom. I understand the lengthwise option allows the monitors all to be angled to me. But, not sure about the 1 monitor at the top function with two at the bottom. Since I don't have a standing desk, not sure if tilting my head up is more conducive than just shifting my head left/right depending on monitor.

3. Will a 5 foot table fit all 3 27"monitors? Or will one monitor hang from the side?

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