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  1. I need to edit videos quickly. Rush is way faster at editing then Pro when it comes to editing videos. When I remove the green screen effect and just let the subject and export the video, it comes out with a black background with the subject. I want the background itself to become transparent following the subject. Is this possible? It is possible to remove image backgrounds and just leave whatever subject is there and then I can use it as overlap whatever media. It is not possible to remove green screen effects in Rush without relying on Pro. Tried that.
  2. Prices in Malaysia are about 150-180% MSRP. Will see if my current gtx 780 is supported by W11.
  3. Will do. This is my first post after reading the article. Should I edit the first post?
  4. Summary GPU prices going down due to oversupply and selling crypto cards. Quotes My thoughts GPU prices going down back to MSRP. Maybe if we all wait longer and let it be below MSRP? I can finally replace my GTX 770 with something better. Sources https://wccftech.com/dont-buy-a-gpu-right-now-prices-hit-6-month-low-in-global-markets-as-us-prepares-for-a-price-crash/
  5. When I first bought the IPS monitor, I needed the accurate color gamut. Now not so much. As long as it can be calibrated for normal sRGB. Not worrying about the color gamut on modern displays. Previously, I had a LG M227WD monitor/TV TN monitor which was quite bad when comparing to the Dell. Cheaper is always better now. I just noticed that Xiaomi has a 34" monitor that is cheaper than the Dell and is bigger. Though not sure how I'm going to fit all of those on the table though. Now days, I spend most of my time with MS Office software, Pdf reader, occasional Adobe PS/Premier Rush 3D obj/stl v
  6. Hi, My dell U2713HM suddenly died on me. Went out for a drink, pc on sleep mode the monitor did not want to power back. It was part of my dual monitor setup. The other monitor is the Dell U2715h. Both are QHD resolution. Usage is only office work. My monitor arm can take a maximum of two 27" monitors. So pairing any thing bigger with the dell u2715h cannot be done as it is too wide. Bigger than 27 inches is not that useful since the my desk is just 2.5 feet in depth. I can try putting an ultrawide and discarding the arm though not sure if I want to sacrifice the total resolution.
  7. Just to update: Reapplied thermal paste on stock cooler = Around 68C idle CM 212 cooler = 42 - 66C (multitasking same as original condition stock at 60- 75C). Average 50C It is worthwhile to actually upgrade from the stock cooler. On another note, I forgot what gigabyte software I used in the original screenshot showing the graph. Does anyone know?
  8. Stock cooler - web browser, word excel and webex Stock cooler. No. This is considered idle I think. What cooler should I get? Must I get the thermal paste as well?
  9. Hi, I just upgraded my office PC from i7-4770k to R5 3600 as I cannot edit 4k videos on Adobe Premier Rush. and noticed that temps are around 60-75C. Is this normal? I am not overclocking it just using few office software and Webex while taking that screenshot. My current spec is: I need the RAM to process Adobe Premier Rush and load big 3D files. The GPU is enough for now. Should I be worried about the temps? My PC is behind the desk, next to the wall. Airflow is not blocked as both side panels do not have fans/cooling. Only f
  10. Hi, Is there an app that can allow me to take images at once from lots of different phones? Either wifi or bluetooth.
  11. My laptops are from 2017 and 2020. I rely on my dell g3 laptop with 9th gen Intel to edit videos for Premier rush. It looks like the pc and laptop CPU's have similar performance.
  12. Earlier in 2020. I did the clean install because of the sluggishness previously. Reinstall early 2020. Cleaned the pc October 2020. I am not sure if it is normal PC speed or I am so used to fast phones, fast laptops that this is annoying.
  13. Hi, My pc spec is: i7 4770k 16gb ddr3 Crucial m5 960gb ssd 770gtx 4 tb wd blue 2x27" 1440p + 1x1080p monitor win x enterprise. Usage mainly office work, occasionally viewing editing 3d dicom files, photoshop and premier rush. My work place has subscription to ms365 and Adobe. I am not sure what is wrong with my pc. It seems that I can detect slowness in opening Web browser, stuttering in Microsoft word (43 pages of tables). I have monitored the performance, ram is about 50% full, cpu about 25% average.