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Graphics Card Delema


So here is my problem I have an x58 system with an i7 940 PC at 3.6 ghz 12gb of ddr3 ram clocked at 1600 mhz and a whopping gtx 750 and as you can imagine I want to do an upgrade to a mid range system with the prise being around 1200€(around 1360$) but as I dont have the money to do it straight away I was going to pay around 500-600€ for the graphics card and then the rest after a year or two.But the question is which one to buy as buying a high end tiring card isn't an option(thank you Nvidia) I was either thinking an rtx 2070 or a gtx 1080 with a third option being ro wait for CES 2019 for AMD to probably announce their Vega 2 or navi GPUS considering the leaks of really high performance at a low cost.So if there is anyone reading this give me your thoughts.

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Personally I would wait for CES before anything, but that’s just my thoughts

I am faster than 80% of all snakes

cpu: AMD Fx-8350

motherboard: GIGABYTE 970 (am3+)

RAM: 16gb ddr3 adata

gpu: AMD xfx rx 560 2gb

psu: 500w

storage: 1tb hdd

I am what you call “budget gamer”

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