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Taipei Department of Health hacked and leaked 3 million personal data



中時 (in Chinese)

Yahoo! news (in Chinese)




(Taipei Department of Health public health information management system was hacked in Sept last year. Citizens' medical personal information was leaked. After an investigation by the investigation bureau, the IP was confirmed to be from Shanghai, PRC, and had obtained 2.98 million personal data)


(Although the bureau suspects that the Shanghai IP might have been a springboard used by the hacker, they also does not exclude the possibility of mainland/PRC hacker.)


(Apologies for the crude translation)


Personal thought: 

Won't be surprised if this is indeed done by the Xi regime. There have been rumors that the PRC government has been trying to "control" Taiwanese internet opinion by spreading "fake news" on various popular online platforms, such as PTT Bulletin Board System. Data hacked from this time could very well be used in the past election in Nov for posting "fake news", which was said to be the determining factor of the victory of Kuomintang (a political party), such as Han Kuo-yu in Kaohsiung.

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Ya , mainland is slowly trying to gain back control of taiwan(against the will of the citizens of taiwan). The small country is frequently met with threats from china and is aggressively oppressed. I absolutely agree with you, this is probably one of many incidents, but most of the other hacking incidents must be hidden away

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