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PC won't post. Need help!


Hey all!


Im having a slight issue with my PC - it won't post. This is not a new PC that I have recently built - I built this over a year ago and it has been running fine for the majority of its life, bar a couple issues.


Over the last couple months the PC has sometimes not been able to post. Fans start spinning, the led indicator on the GPU is illuminated - everything looks normal, except my keyboard/mouse doesn't light up, and nothing displays on my monitor.


To rectify this I have reseated my RAM (which were in slots A2, B2), and it would start up. Later down the track, when encountering the same problem, I have had to try starting up without RAM installed (to no avail,) then turn off PC, install RAM in slots A2 B2, and start up again. This has mostly worked for me. However, about a week ago when having the no post issue, I used the same troubleshooting steps without success. I tried booting with the RAM in slots A1 and B1, and my computer posted.


Today my no post issue has resurfaced. When I first turned the PC on the fans and lights came on as normal, but nothing would post - the PC just stayed on. I tried booting without ram, which sent the pc into a boot cycle. I shut it down, reseated the ram, and turned it back on, and the pc went into the same boot cycle it did when there was no RAM installed. I then tried booting with a single ram stick in A1 or A2 without success. Now no matter where I have the RAM installed, the PC goes into a boot cycle. Having exhausted the steps I would usually take to rectify this situation I looked online for other ideas.


I found the "How to respond to a no POST or no power up situation" thread and followed the steps that I could - I have checked to ensure all cables are securely connected, I have reseated the GPU, I have cleared the CMOS. Unfortunately I don't have another PC to test my RAM, or GPU on, nor do I have a debug speaker attached to my Mobo.


I am entirely stumped and am unsure how to proceed. I am thinking of going to the PC store today to buy new RAM or a new MOBO, but I was hoping to get some advice as to where the problem most likely lies. I don't want to buy new RAM to realise it was the MOBO or vice versa.



The following are the components in the PC:


Ryzen 5 1600x

16GB DDR4 Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 (2x8G) 3000MHz Vengeance LPX BLACK RAM


Asrock b350m pro4 mobo

coolmaster hyper 212 evo cpu cooler

512GB Intel 600p Series M.2

Corsair TX550M

1TB WD 3.5" 7200rpm

fractal design define mini c


Thanks in advance guys, looking forward your replies :)



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you know with your problem being so slowly introduced and simple ram swapping fixing it in the past i would say you are on the right track of it being the motherboard being bad.

especially if both stick were tried by themselves in the machine and it still didn't post.

if you still can't get the machine to post with minimal hardware attached then it very well could be a board issue.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for your reply. I ended up buying myself a new motherboard - the MSI b450M mortar. I installed all my components on the board and the PC booted up first time! 


Having said this, the PC has had issues posting again, occurring twice since installation of the new Mobo. The first time it didn't post I simply swapped the ram sticks around, and after trying to start it again it posted. The second time this occurred I did the same thing to no avail. I then reseated the GPU and the PC decided to post. This happened on the second and third day since using the new Mobo and hasn't occurred since. I am thinking now that perhaps the MOBO isn't the issue?


Any advice would be much appreciated

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