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About HDD


hey guys i got 500gb hard disk, now i planning on expanding my storage. i want to buy a new 1 tb hdd and

my question is what should i see before buying a hdd like mobo compatibility etc.. 

Cpu :- Intel core i5 6402P 

Mobo :-  gigabyte b150m-ds3h-cf

Ram :- 12 gb DDr4 - 2133 cl 14 288

Gpu:- ASUS ROG Strix Gaming RX 570 OC 4GB

psu :- Corsair VS550 550-Watt

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What do you mean by "what should I see"?  If you want to use the new drive as your boot drive, the best thing you can do is to make sure that you backup all important documents and files (documents, pictures, letters from the kids, etc.).


Next, set yourself up with a Windows Media Creation Tool so that you can install a clean, fresh copy of Windows 10 on the new drive.


Power down the machine, remove the old drive, install the new drive, power up the machine with your Windows tool and follow the on-screen prompts.  The tool will guide you thru the process of setting up your new drive without any problems.


Once Windows is all good to go, make sure you are connected to the internet and download/install any/and/or all updates.


Once that is complete, then you can feel safe in turning off the machine and putting the old drive back in the system so that you can get your files from it.  Just make sure when you do that the new drive is set up in the BIOS as the primary or boot device.


That's it in a nutshell so you should be good to go.  You will need to download/install your software/games but when installing a new drive the best thing you can do is do it with a clean, fresh install of Windows.

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