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Reasonable selling price for used gaming pc

I have a computer than I built years ago, and I am in desperate need of building a new one, not because of my current setup being slow (it gives me no problems gaming 1080), but I just want t0 build another.

Current PC:

Cpu:Amd 6300 black edition-$50
Gpu:Zotac Geforce Gtx 1050 mini ti-$170
Ppu:500W Evga-$50
Soundcard:sound Blaster Zx PCIe-$120
Motherboard:Gigabyte AM3+GA-970-Gaming SLI-$320
SSD: with windows sandisk 120gb-$30
Watercooling:Corsair H55 Hydro series-$65
Ram:Crucial Balistic 2X4 Gb-$65
OS:Windows 10-$100
Hhd:500 gb hhd-$50

The MSRP is around $1000 new, but I have been trying to sell it for $700 for over a year, and recently dropped it to $500. What is a reasonable selling price for this pc? The case is RGB. Here is a craigslist add.


Thanks guys.

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im gonna stick with 700$ tho. it has windows , ssd and other good stuff.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Spec: Asus Vivobook S140UN    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


| CPU: i5-8250U Turbo 3.4Ghz | 

| RAM: 8 single-channel DDR4 2333mhz |

| Storage: 128GB Sandisk SSD + 1TB HTSG HDD

 | GPU: MX-150 4Gb 25 TDP |

| Monitor: LGMK430H-B |

| Audio: JBL 450BT Wireless Headset |

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$350 would probably be fair, you're not going to be able to add value with a sound card so remove that and sell it separately. The FX6300 is not great, the FX8300's are decent since they're sort of 8 cores but they're also sort of 4 cores. When you step down from the FX8300's, you give up the core advantage entirely which is where you get good budget performance from older, higher end systems.


GTX 970's are worth about $120, a used 1050ti mini is useful for it's small size but it also comes in with far less performance. Maybe value it as $100. The motherboard is probably worth $80-100 or so, that's a higher end AM3+ board. I don't think they even made a $300 AM3 motherboard though. Maybe the FX9000 series brought some really high end boards towards the end. 120gb ssd's are less than $25 new. The H55 is outclassed by any air cooler at $65 and AIO's don't last forever. 500gb HDD's are given away with computers. I think they've also done that PSU for free with rebates.


Look on craigslist and ebay for machines with similar performance, you can find Sandy/Ivy Bridge prebuilts for $100-130 with pretty similar specs for the most part, price out some comparable parts and add them to the cost of your theoretical system and that's ballpark what you should price your own, on the higher end.


Windows also really isn't worth much, it definitely adds value to have a turn key system but like $20 tops. Windows 10 CD keys are cheap and AFAIK it's still free if you upgrade from 7 or take the Insider first.


I'd probably try to list it for $380.

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