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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K1HMMJC/ How about none of the above and get a dram equipped SX8200 Pro nvme drive cheaper than any of the dram sata drives. Ignore the people complaining about the controller swap, yeah it's scummy but realistically the drive is still insanely better value than the low end QLC drives.
  2. As long as you aren't trying to run a few transcode sessions at the same time, it would likely direct play as many sessions until you saturate the network connection. Chromecast and Xbox clients are usually prime offenders for everything needing a transcode, web browsers don't support HEVC and smart tv's are absolutely all over the place but generally alright. Just make sure your media is encoded correctly, trying to play 4K x265 10bit HDR on an xbox isn't going to happen and it's going to turn into 4mbps 720p anyways. People spend like $500 on those Synology units with no servicea
  3. Home NAS/Plex Server, great use for low power parts.
  4. There's really no way that you're going to do this without mounting a bunch of cages inside of the case. Depending on how deep those 5.25 cages are you might be able to get away with removing the storage mounting panel and mounting them somehow wherever they fit, maybe stack them, hang them from the radiator mount or something too. You might be able to DIY an entire backplane but even then the drive sleds really don't slide in so someone else would absolutely break any connectors you mounted in there in. The fractal sleds are fairly rigid for having only 1 fastener but they're really not what
  5. You don't have to but you'll likely have better temps with a more consistent application if you do. If you really caked it on though, I wouldn't worry at all and even then I'd only consider redoing it if it's something higher power that really needs the cooling.
  6. Ideally with Plex you're going to try to avoid transcoding in the first place, direct streams generally aren't even noticable when I check the usage on my home server using an old Xeon X5660 that doesn't even have AVX or Quicksync. It's not until you start trying to use clients which don't support the codecs which your media is stored in, like desktop web clients trying to watch HEVC content instead of a client like the Plex Windows app. Make sure to educate everyone to not transcode when possible for the best quality and experience. I'd look into something like Nextcloud for photo
  7. Hard to say without any context of what hardware you have at all, if your power supply will even actually work with conventional parts or if it's some proprietary thing, fitting standard ATX boards in the case is a good sign though. It's even harder to make a recommendation for hardware without knowing the games or workloads you're trying to do with your computer. Just grab a 3600mhz CL16 kit of memory for it, Crucial Ballistix and G.Skill Ripjaws are good choices, as far as RGB stuff you're sacrificing cost or performance for aesthetics which without knowing if aesthetics is impor
  8. I'm not seeing any aftermarket coolers mounted in these cases on google, so it's probably not standard LGA1366 pattern. I am seeing something about a T3500 heatsink being an upgrade, specifically a "U016F" part number. The "standard" heatsink for the T5500 seems to be the aluminum finned chunk though. If you already have this cooler, it sounds more like bad thermal paste application or incorrect mounting pressure. if you already have this cooler you're probably looking at rigging up something custom which isn't always the most difficult thing to do as sometimes it's just taking som
  9. Yeah finding anything anywhere is difficult right now. It shouldn't, I suppose it's possible if the board is really not great. It's really more common with the AMD stuff, there's a bunch of people who have RX480's and RX580's on X58. Does your card have a bios switch? Try switching to the other vbios. Nothing, the X5675 is a multiplier locked 32nm Westmere/Gulftown cpu with good silicon quality for overclocking that's available for $25-30 generally. If you wanted to just use it as a home server, I can't say if i7 sku's are compatible with ECC-U memory but 980x/990x's st
  10. Compatibility can be all over the place for X58, most stuff works though but AMD seems to be the most hit or miss with some cards working fine and some refusing to boot. If it's like an OEM RX 480 or something a little less off the shelf it's very possible that non-UEFI support was never even considered for the card. There's a good amount of people with RTX cards, even RTX 2080Ti's on these old boards. I run a X5675@4.5ghz with a GTX 1080 and bottleneck hard on the GPU in 1440p in most games, I'm really tempted by Ampere/RDNA2 personally. The lack of AVX though is just beginning to
  11. I usually just use a napkin or kleenex with isopropyl so I can just throw them away and not have to throw away the microfiber. Although tbh I haven't tried washing thermal paste out of a rag since Arctic Silver 5 was the go-to paste and that stuff is about on par with anti-seize or moly grease for just getting everywhere. I've used windex/glass cleaners in a pinch as well.
  12. I have SHP9500's and HD558's, both are great but the HD518's and HD558's I've used more. If the HD559's are anything like the previous models, you can just remove the locking cam or cut out the tabs from it then use an adapter to take the 2.5mm jack to 3.5mm.
  13. Rebuilt my home server into a new case and oh man is this thing way too fancy. This would mark it hitting just about the $300 mark ignoring storage. The old case was getting noisier and noisier but it seems some of the noise was the Zotac GT1030 which manages to be at least twice as loud the Fractal 140mm case fans, Scythe 1200rpm fans and hard drives. I got the board to boot without the GPU so there's no reason to leave it in there. The Define 7 is really an amazing case, I'm so used to Corsair cases and garbage where you have to use multiple people/limbs or both of your forearms
  14. Tomshardware seems to have done it with Crysis 3. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/crysis-3-vram-disk-benchmarks https://github.com/prsyahmi/GpuRamDrive
  15. I have a Q6600 that runs Windows 10 off a 60gb ssd and had 1x4GB DDR3 until I realized that and stuck a random 2gb dimm into it the other day when I swapped out the 10+ year old Thermaltake TR2. It boots to desktop in 15 seconds from pressing the power button and is overall a joy to use over a bunch of low end systems I've had. It just took the 20H1 update after I swapped the PSU. LGA775 is great for a basic web browsing computer, the largest issue I've found with it is that it doesn't support audio passthrough in chrome for chromecasting tabs. I had to stick a HD5450 into it thoug
  16. Well seeing everyone posting these R23 benchmarks all over the internet, I was curious what I'd get in R23 so I started off doing a R15 run and updating CPU-Z/HWInfo. But then X58 decided to do weird X58 things despite not having touched my bios in almost a year. I noticed something very strange, my x26 turbo multiplier was being used for some reason even though this thing has ran at 180x25@1.425v for the last two years? I once had a "bug" where I scored 1089 very early on in trying to dial in a stable overclock where it boosted to 4.8ghz and made a great score activating the x26 m
  17. The only reason I could think to even get the A500 is to specifically match a mostly Corsair build with a low power CPU, otherwise I'd get the Fuma II in all other situations. If you're not concerned about a warranty and you don't mind possibly lapping it for like an hour, you can do Corsair's job lapping the coldplate until its actually flat. Its not all that terrible after that.
  18. If its been working fine for that long, I wouldn't worry about it. I'd also flip it over and have it suck from inside of the case if you can, so you can hide the minor damage. Your case feet don't seem that tall anyways.
  19. Yeah that'll do fine, anything new enough to have DDR3 will likely run it just fine. If it's a workstation it will also likely support ECC memory which is dirt cheap on ebay. Dell's website should have all the information on it and there's usually service tags you can shove into their website to see what hardware should be in it. Used Xeons are pretty cheap and often have a couple generations supported on a platform so if something was spec'd with a lower end or low power sku you might be able to double your core count or find a significantly faster cpu that can be popped in for $2
  20. No, that won't do anything. Well at least unless you have an unstable overclock on your CPU or something. The vbios refers to the firmware that is flashed to your graphics card, it includes all of the voltage settings, fan curves, frequency and power targets, ect. Maxwell apparently had a vbios editor, Pascal and Turing do not. AMD stuff pretty much all have this which was huge for the crypto mining, ect. Here's kind of an idea of the kind of stuff you could change if this was possible, but there's a lot you could mess up potentially I guess so Nvidia decided we're not allowed to r
  21. My GTX 1080 becomes unstable just from installing Afterburner or EVGA Precision. It boosts above 1949mhz which is the normal boost clock for my card, it boosts up to 1986mhz or so instead and unless you add more voltage and power limit it will crash in games. It'll go to like 2011mhz but that'll only pass Firestrike half of the time. I spent weeks trying to figure out some settings, I didn't get the good memory that'll handle the +500, it has the lower end binned sku gpu. So it basically ended in an overclock that was almost entirely just a fan curve while using more power where yo
  22. Everyone has bad drivers at some point. I bought a GTX 260 and the drivers didn't work for 2 months and I went to a HD5870 instead after my EVGA 8800 GT died as most did along with my EVGA Nvidia 680i motherboard. Nvidia really benefit from a fairly mature architecture from Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal mostly being the same while AMD cards were fairly weak with only HBM based cards competing at the higher end. Maxwell and Pascal were really unbeatable at that time. Turing definitely needed some fine wine as far as performance and a Super refresh to even be worthwhile which it still i
  23. I've had a NH-D14(probably heavier than NH-D15) mounted to my GA-X58A-UD5 for 10 years, it's been in the car numerous times and gets carried up and down stairs like every 3 months at least to get dusted out. I also always handle the motherboard by the cooler whenever it comes out of the case, ect. Many boards have a little warp to them, some cases don't exactly have a perfectly flat mounting surface either. I've had to adjust standoffs just to get things to mount before.
  24. If you're talking about just connecting your old 2.5" sata hard drive/ssd to the laptop to copy files from it, that's easily done with a USB adapter like these https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-2-5-Inch-Adapter-Optimized-EC-SSHD/dp/B011M8YACM/ https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Tool-free-Enclosure-Optimized-EC-UASP/dp/B00OJ3UJ2S/ As far as cloning/imaging the drive over to new media, I don't bother with that as personally every time I've ever done that it takes significantly more time to do than to just install windows on a new drive and copy stuff over.
  25. You need a $120 60% keyboard with optical switches? I don't think anyone needs a keyboard that's missing most of the useful keys, you're going to need a second keyboard for whenever you play anything using the function or arrow keys lmao. It'd be a nice keyboard to pack with a laptop or something but a 60% is one of those things that r/mechkeyboards makes you want until you buy one and figure out you needed those extra keys for tons of games or even just typing something out. Do you even know if you like how those optical switches feel...?