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standard cases, non-standard motherboards


I have an old acer pc that im wanting to upgrade for use as a budget gaming system, the only issue is the case is too small to fit a standard gpu in since it only gives room for a single slot, low profile graphics card, and my plan was to use a 1050Ti.


I have hopes to fit the motherboard in a standard mATX case so I can put a standard gpu in but the motherboard is a strange size and im not sure if it would fit without modification. Its 200x250mm and considering mATX is 244mm square im not sure if it would fit without drilling holes for custom stand offs, and I don't really want to do that on a new case if I have to return it for whatever reason.


Does anyone else have this problem or has had it and found a work around? if not then does anyone know if I would be able to fit it in a normal case? pictues of it in the case it came with below.


FYI specs wise it has a Core i5 2320 and 6GB DDR3 RAM but I plan on upgrading it to an i7 2600 and 8/16GB RAM and the model is an Acer Aspire X3990. The hole at the bottom is where the old power supply was, it died so I had to take it out.




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2 minutes ago, campy said:

Thats an extended DTX board. It has the hole layout of mini itx + the rear extension.

DTX is like mini ITX but has two slots. Though the holes are in the same place.

These boards are usually just called Micro ATX because theyre too large for some mitx cases while having the same hole layout, so its better to sell them as mATX so someone doesnt cram it into a case too small.


An example is this Biostar H81 LGA 1150 board:


Which has the layout of Mini ITX but with one extra expansion slot. DTX


So your board is essentially this but deeper to regular matx board depth.

So a regular matx case will take it.

Thanks a bunch for the help. didn't know that was a formfactor until today.

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1 minute ago, campy said:

heres a graphic with of your pics to explain this visually


got it, thank you, ill use this as a point of reference for this build

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